Loose Diamonds: A Glimpse at One of the Four C’s

Knowing about the product you plan on buying is certainly a god strategy before you show up in the store looking confused with a million questions. You would never buy a house without getting an inspection, a car without test driving it or a case of beer you have never tasted. It is always a great idea to be familiar with the product. Knowing pertinent information could make the difference in a sale you are satisfied with versus a sale you regret. No one enjoys experiencing buyer’s remorse. Buying loose diamonds is no different than any of the other purchases listed above. It just so happens these tiny little stones are not only expensive, but are also very interesting.

The certified loose diamonds for sale in your local jewelry store go through rigorous judgment before they are put in display cases for you to gaze upon. You have probably heard of the four C’s of diamonds. That is a really great place to start your research before you walk into a jewelry store. Knowing the four C’s of diamonds is good, but in order to get a better idea of why they are worth the price tag you see, you will need to know a lot more about each of the four categories. For instance, one of the C’s is color.

Color obviously refers to the shade of the stone, but there are so many shades that the Gemological Institute of America came up with a scale that details every shade you can imagine. This scale ranges from D-Z. D represents a perfectly colorless diamond with no detection of any color. A colorless diamond is a lot like a drop of water; it has no color whatsoever.

“A” on the scale represents a diamond that has obvious every jeweler has a set of master stones to compare other loose diamonds to. These master stones have been designated to be various points on the scale. When you hold another diamond next to them under the right conditions and lighting, you can tell if the diamond ranks above or below the master stone on the color scale.

This is just one facet of loose diamonds you should know about before seeking out to purchase one. The more information you have, the better you will feel about your purchase and the more you will want to learn about the other three C’s of diamonds. It only takes a few minutes to learn everything you need to know!

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