10 benefits of mazafati dates that you should know

Mazafati dates are considered one of the most delicious types of dates in the world. The optimum moisture content of this type of date varies between 14% to 36% depending on the harvest time and the cultivated area. If you know about the benefits of mazafati dates, you will surely add this type of date to your daily diet.

Mazafati dates 

Mazafati should be considered one of the most popular and delicious types of dates in the world. The quality of this product cannot be compared with other types of wet and dry dates, and therefore this type of date is usually used more for export. Click on this link for more information. 

The wetter the colour of this type of moisturizer, the darker it is and at best it gets very close to black. Since the nature of dates is warm, it can be used as a medicine for those who have problems due to their cold nature. 

The nutritional value of Mazafati dates

This date has a large amount of potassium in its natural structure, which can be considered as a cure for diarrhoea. Mazafati dates also have high iron content and natural sugar, which is good for the body.

Mazafati dates in storage and storage should be stored with appropriate conditions and up-to-date standards at a temperature that does not cause the date to rot.

In addition, the value of Mazafati dates is provided to the body when these dates are kept in suitable conditions until they reach the consumer so that the conditions do not affect the dates and the dates do not lose their properties.

Benefits of mazafati dates

 Mazafati has many wonderful properties, and it should be considered a useful food. The nutritional value and properties of this fruit are so high that even in the Holy Quran it is mentioned many times and dates are mentioned as a heavenly fruit. It is interesting to know that this fruit has been used as food for many years in the Middle East as well as in India.

The most important properties of the above product are as follows:

1. Eating dates alone or with dairy products such as milk is very useful for bruises and excessive fatigue caused by long daily work and heavy activities.

2. Dates have fiber that are very effective in reducing fat and providing protein. Therefore, this type of date can also be used to help lose weight. In fact, in addition to getting the energy you need for your body by eating dates; you will also enjoy the benefits of losing weight.

3. Scientific research shows that dates are effective in eliminating violence and calming minds. In people who face a lot of stress and anxiety, eating dates is very effective and they can use this natural food to achieve more relaxation and deal with stressful situations.

4. Due to having mucilage substances, it soothes cough and has the effect of relieving chest discomfort. To do this, they prepare 50 grams of decoction in half a litre of sweet water, which is useful for chest pain.

5. Mazafati dates can be effective in improving limb paralysis, back pain, and joint discomfort. In this way, people who have this type of joint pain can use this date to improve their pain.

6. Decoction of Mazafati dates in breast milk softens, ‘cures the kidneys’, and prevents inflammation, infectious diseases, and hair loss. 

7. Mixing Mazafati dates with fresh milk is very effective in increasing and strengthening sexual power. Therefore, people who suffer from sexual desire problems can use a mixture of milk and dates to strengthen their sexual power.

8. According to the evidence, in areas where the consumption of dates is high among people, the incidence of cancer has decreased significantly.

9. Dates neutralize excess stomach acid and are therefore very beneficial for the elderly and children. Also, this type of date is excellent for the stomach and digestive system, and its consumption is recommended for people who have stomach problems.

10. The miraculous effect of Mazafati palm kernel in eliminating eyelid swelling has been completely proven. In this case, it is enough to put a little date tissue on your eyes in a closed position and let it stay the same for a few minutes.

The last word

Mazafati dates should be considered as one of the best and most popular types of dates both in Iran and in other countries of the world, which in addition to its many properties and high nutritional value, has a delicious taste. So, if one tries this date once, it is unlikely that one will not taste it a second time.