10 Famous Capricorn Sign Celebrities – Famous Celebrities Born Under The Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorns, born from December 21st to January 20th, are a captivating bunch. If this is your sun sign, you’re in good company. 

Would You Guess These Celebs Are All Capricorn?

Celebrities capricorns come from all industries, including movies, television, the stage and sports. They’re known for being hardworking and ambitious, so it’s no surprise that these celebs have found the ultimate levels of success.

Which Of These Capricorn Celebs Do You Align With?

Consider getting a birth chart reading to see which Capricorn celebrity you align with. A reading may give you more insight into your personality, goals, habits and future. Maybe you share similar traits with one of these Capricorn celebrities.

1. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington, born December 28th, is a classic movie star who has made a big name for himself. He got his start in television with hospital drama St. Elsewhere in 1982 and made the leap to movies quickly afterward. Today, he continues to show quiet consistency in his acting and directing work.

2. LeBron James

LeBron James, whose birthday is December 30th, is another celebrity who demonstrates strong Capricorn values and dedication. His skyrocket journey to basketball royalty comes from talent and commitment. Destiny psychic readings may help you learn where your talent could take you.

3. Kit Harington

British actor Kit Harington is another Capricorn celeb with a birthday on December 26th. His love for his work and enthusiasm for acting got him a memorable role as Jon Snow in the wildly successful series Game of Thrones.

4. Diane Keaton

The next celeb on the list, Diane Keaton, comes in with a birthday on January 5th. Keaton has a long body of work since the 1970s, with movies in The Godfather series and Woody Allen’s Annie Hall. Keaton has continued to get roles as she has aged, showing her tenacity.

5. Kate Middleton

The British royalty also has a Capricorn member in its ranks, with Kate Middleton, whose birthday falls on January 9th. Some have pointed out Kate’s dedication and loyalty to her relationship with her husband, Prince William, since their days at school.

6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is another Capricorn celebrity. Her birthday falls on January 13th. She is a comedy genius, with iconic roles in Seinfeld and Veep. 

7. Regina King

The next steadfast celeb on the list is Regina King. With a birthday on January 15th, King has crafted a long list of incredible credits, such as Friday, Poetic Justice, The Leftovers and Watchmen.

8. Lin-Manuel Miranda

Next, Lin-Manuel Miranda, born on January 16th, has shown how one moment can bring you fame and success instantly with his stunning musical, Hamilton. Consider speaking to money psychics to see what success may be waiting for you.

9. Jim Carrey

Comedy legend Jim Carrey, born January 17th, is another example of this star sign’s commitment. Carrey’s credits include The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, The Truman Show and more.

10. Betty White

Carrey’s birthday twin is the iconic Betty White. White has had a long, storied career in television and movies and continues to inspire her fans as she approaches turning 100.

Capricorn celebs share solid careers and a dedication to their craft. Their commitment to quality work makes them unforgettable.

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