10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Gowning Room Furniture

Many industries need to follow strict decontamination procedure in their daily operations. For example, consider laboratories and pharmacies where it’s crucial to ensure that the facilities are clean and free from pathogens. Such facilities have a cleanroom – a special designated area that is sealed and kept free from external particles. An important part of the cleanroom is a ‘Gowning room’, where all personnel can clean themselves and change into appropriate gowns or garments.

Even the smallest foreign particle can be dangerous if it enters the cleanroom. That is why the gowning room is important to make sure that the cleanroom remains fully sterile. So many things need to be planned in detail when setting up a gowning room with necessary furniture. Let’s take a look at ten such things to consider before choosing gowning room furniture.

  1. Analyse the space

The first and foremost step is to properly evaluate the space available in the gowning room. This helps in determining what size and specification of the furniture will fit well in the area.

  1. Make a layout

Since a gowning room has to strictly follow certain protocols, so it’s a must to have a planned design of the room as per the protocols. This design should clearly indicate what furniture will be needed and where they will be placed.

  1. Check specifications of products

Gowning room equipments come in a variety of sizes. Always check the specification of the product to make sure that it matches the details of your gowning room layout.

  1. Check multiple quotes

There are many suppliers that sell gowning equipments and the prices and quality will very according to each supplier. Ask more than one supplier for their price quotes and compare them. It will be useful in deciding which one is providing the best equipments at most reasonable rates.

  1. Research before purchasing

Before deciding to purchase, research must be done. Check the catalogues of the supplier, know what their past customers have to say about them. The main idea is to gather some information to check how reliable the supplier is.

  1. Decide the appropriate gowning rack

A gowning rack is a must have for any gowning room to hang the garments in order. But they come in different varieties like open frame racks or enclosed cabinet racks. So it needs to be decided in advance what type of garment rack will best suit your requirement.

  1. Waste receptacles

This is another furniture that is extremely necessary for a gowning room. In fact, there should be more than one waste receptacle spread evenly all across the gowning room for easy access.

  1. Have proper dispensers to minimise touch

Dispensers are very useful for items like gloves and face mask. These equipments dispense items automatically, so there is no need to touch the equipment body, which further reduces the risk of contamination.

  1. Storage space management

A gowning room should have furniture that create enough storage space for the garments and tools. Daily use items like masks, gloves and tools need to be stored properly so furniture like racks and cabinets must have sufficient storage space.

  1. Proper inventory management

A gowning room contains many different items, like clean and dirty garments, new as well as used materials, additional tools, etc. These items should be managed properly, so that everything has a fixed place and the clean items never get mixed with used and dirty ones.

These are ten essential factors the one needs to prepare for beforehand when planning to buy furniture for a gowning room. It’s essential to follow these and to adhere to all the protocols to ensure that the gowning room and Cleanroom Workbenches are free from contamination