13 Best Places to Sell Video Games in 2022

The videogame worldwide market is huge. Children are huge fans of video game playing. If you are an avid gamer, you have probably some old video games you cannot stop raving about. If you are contemplating the idea of creating and selling video games, there are plenty of aspects to consider, two however are more important than others. One is taxes. Never undermine the importance of a merchant of record for games that can help you navigate the tax landscape. The second is the marketplace. Where and how are you going to sell your video game? Let’s talk about that and how you can use them to sell your old games.

Top places to sell video games

Video game selling is easy when you understand where to sell them. Here are some options.


You could use your old games or console to make money using Swappa. The site is not for sale. Swappa makes games sell to gamers in a direct way, eliminating middlemen and reducing costs. Swappa offers incredibly high-quality online selling compared to most other online platforms. There is no fee for the sale of the game. The price is charged exclusively to customers. Locate the game or console for sale. Your listings contain a description, photographs uploaded and prices you have set up for them. Swappa provides sales advice on pricing, however, you can change the prices you need to make. If the item has been purchased, the money will be sent directly from Paypal. The seller sends the goods directly to the buyer.


Amazon is the most popular website for online shopping. It is possible for anyone to purchase anything from Amazon online. The easiest and fastest way to sell games online on Amazon is by creating an Amazon Sellers account and trading your game for a new one on Amazon. If you plan on making an independent business selling games, it is okay to become an Amazon seller. However, Amazon’s free swap program works best if you want to unload some games. To trade in a game console, simply go to their website, mark their condition, then receive an offer to sell your product. The package will be shipped with free shipping labels. Apart from this, if you want to earn through amazon and have no idea about it then we would definitely suggest you to join this course on fbamasterclass.io to learn everything about it.


Gameflip is a gaming and online sports hub with a marketplace to sell game products. The Gameflip website does not require payment for a specific product or service. You can create a new listing on their website or on their mobile app for free. After someone purchases a game, you can receive an e-mail notification or use the game flip app. The company has several shipping options that you pay for in your name. Once you receive your shipment, you will receive your refund. Upon receipt of payment proceeds, the money is immediately put into your wallet and is transferable to your PayPal, or Bitcoin accounts or used to purchase games on gameflip.com.

Game stop

You have probably played a game at Game Stop. It is one of the biggest retailers of gaming in the United States. While the shop is buying all sorts of used items, videogames are one of their biggest interests. Game stop are open at all retail outlets. Sellers can exchange their game for money or game stop credits. Usually, you will see higher discounts when you opt for credit cards or cash. It helps them keep their cash in their pocket. Game Stop also allows sellers the opportunity to make trading offers online prior to going to a store.


The gaming site says it has one of the best-traded ins in the world. eStarland does provide an alternative way in which you can sell old video games and other gaming equipment. It is a fairly easy procedure using eStarlands. Find a specific item and click “Get In”. Complete the purchase process then send the item with the free shipping sticker you provided. Once your exchange has taken place you can receive the payment via your eStarlands account. Payment methods include PayPal gift cards, Amazon gift cards as well as sending checks via email. If you live in Chantell Virginia, you may also pay at their store.


OfferUp app allows sellers to sell locally faster. Whether you’re selling a new or old game at the local auction, OfferUP has a solution. The OfferUp application lets you list listings and send photos from a smartphone directly to the OfferUp Apps website. All listings are free of charge, and no fees are incurred by a local vendor or a buyer. The game is sold nationwide and the games have to be shipped. When creating a listing you can decide who pays shipping costs – you or the buyers. Selling across the country will add an estimated 129% service fee on all sold goods ($0.15 minimum).


Several popular online stores offer great prices and deals on electronic devices and games. SellCell is a website like that. Your phone is a great place to sell games, electronics, etc. It is incredibly nice to have a company do all the hard work. Search all sites on this website so that you can find what’s the most affordable for the price. Just enter your offer and it will immediately show who buys the product. Once you find the right price and deal, just click on the green pay-out button and SellCell will take you there once the transaction is processed.


PlayerUp hasn’t become an online game market. Rather, it is a place where players may purchase their accounts. Player accounts that can be sold include PRG action, sports, or Xbox gaming accounts. Make sure to examine the PalyerUp terms and conditions of sale. A lot of video games have no way for people to sell their accounts. You could lose access to your account if it’s sold to unauthorized persons. The sale of PlayerUp accounts requires a 20 % commission. You may even need assistance from a middleman to provide more security, this service will add a further fee.


Decluttr makes selling video games easy. Offers were received quickly with an exceptionally simple process. Use the Decluttr website if you have an old game to get a quote by entering their code. Mobile applications have barcode scanners that speed up processing. Check the conditions and get an immediate quote that is valid for 30 days. The choice to accept the Decluttr offer may vary depending on the situation. Upon approval of your request, they will send you a welcome letter and a free delivery label. Download the envelopes and place the game in a shipping box.


Trading4 Cash also sells unused game items on the internet. Trade4Cash is specialized in the sale and buying of games. The company does not sell other electronics, such as older iPhones. Use the search functionality on this site to find your product. If your game is in good condition, a quick quote will follow. Upon accepting Trade4Cash, send the item to USAPS using prepaid shipping labels. You may monitor the shipment by using Trade4 Cash’s custom URLs. Once shipments are received and checked, you receive payment. Payments can be sent through cash or PayPal.

Facebook Marketplace

More than 1 billion Facebook users are connected globally. You might want the video games you want. Facebook Marketplace was launched last year and it’s a fantastic option if you are looking to sell video games locally. The advantage of Facebook Marketplace is that you will see the profile of the people buying the game. Bids are not allowed on Facebook. Creating a listing is possible online or on Facebook’s website. If the listing is live, you can contact buyers for bids and set up a meeting if you accept.


It’s also the first online store for the local market in Letgo. Use mobile apps to list and show photographs of games you sell. There is generally no cost to use Letgo. However, you have some work to do on sales. Then there are negotiations with purchasers, arranging meetings, and generating funds for them. Letgo is a simple way of registering and creating listings for a website. However, this requires time just as with many local selling choices.


You’re not allowed to list videos that sell if you do not include eBay, a popular online marketplace. You’ll get a bigger audience on eBay. The bad thing about them is the higher price of the product. Listings can be made either for sale or to be sold immediately. It helps both buyers and sellers make their payments through eBay. eBay provides the label for shipment. Since eBay is large it could be the time that a video game sold.

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