3 Convenient PDF Tools With GoGoPDF To Edit Your Files

Portable Document Format, or most widely known as PDF, is the most used file format these days. There are so many reasons why we use PDF as the standard file format, and one of the primary reasons why we do is because PDF files are universal, meaning we can access them anywhere and anywhere. No matter what operating system we use, as long as it is a PDF file we’re accessing, there won’t be any problems. It’s indeed convenient to have our files as PDFs.

This website offers the service of managing PDFs, such as converting to and from PDF, splitting and merging, and other essential tools for PDFs. Having these kinds of tools makes it vital for us to work on various projects simultaneously. You don’t even have to download unnecessary software or apps on your phones or computers because everything takes place online, and it’s 100% free too.

1.    Merge Tool

Many of us tend to have files scattered all over our devices. Little do you know that these files will lead to your computer’s slowdown sooner or later. But did you know that these files can be put together and be put in one place? Well, if most of your files are in PDF,  with GoGoPDF’s merge tool’s help, you can have your PDF files organized and help your device run smoother. You don’t have to wait until your computer breaks down. Better start organizing, right?

Instead of having various PDF files on your computer, with the help of GoGoPDF’s merge tool, you can combine two or more PDF files into a single PDF file. Moreover, you can also manage how the files are arranged as you merge PDF files. You also don’t have to worry about the quality output because GoGoPDF’s merge tool retains the wordings, formattings, and layout, producing a high-quality document after the merge.

Merging PDF files has never been easier with GoGoPDF’s merge tool. With these no-brainer steps, you can have your files combined in no time. So the first step into combining PDF files is to choose the PDF files from your device and upload them in the merge tool. After the upload, GoGoPDF will start merging your PDF files. The merging process might take a while, but you can now download the new combined file after the process is complete.

2.    Split Tool

Do you have a project to present but suddenly, before the presentation, you remember that you have unnecessary pages on your presentation to get rid of? Manually taking them out would waste too much time. What if you had a tool that would cost you nothing and will take the pages you want to get rid of in no time? Would that be so convenient on your part?

Of course, if the website has a merge tool, it also has a split tool. You can efficiently and quickly split or separate pages with the split tool. In only a few clicks, you can accurately split your PDF and create a high-quality output out of it while retaining the initial file’s format and layout.

To split or separate pages from your PDF files, the first thing to do is upload your PDF into the split tool area. Once the file is uploaded, you decide how you want to split your PDF file, and then you can start the extraction process. After the splitting process is complete, you can now download and save the PDF file without the pages you want to remove.

3.    PDF Converter

These days, it’s essential to know about Online PDF converters. We tend to actually use PDFs every day as we send files to somebody.  Whether it’s for a school project, work-related, or leisure, we should send files as PDF so that the receiver should have no problems accessing it, unless you know that the receiver has the same operating system as you are.

GoGoPDF’s PDF converter tool offers the service of converting your either to or from PDF. With this tool, you can convert your file, and whether it’s a Word document, an Excel Spreadsheet, a PowerPoint slide, an image file, or even an HTML file, you can convert it to PDF, and it’s vice-versa. This PDF converter tool converts fast and gives a high-quality output.

You don’t even need expertise in converting because with GoGOPDF, converting has never been so easy. There are four brief and easy to learn steps into converting to and from PDF. The first step is to choose the file you want to convert, or you can simply drag-and-drop the file into the conversion box. After the upload, GoGoPDF will start to process the conversion. After converting your file to the format you want, you can now download the converted file.


GoGoPDF is aware that many users hesitate to upload personal files to their server first, but no need to worry because this website understands and values your privacy. Moreover, All the files you and the server uploads are going to be deleted in an hour after the conversion. Rest assured, with GoGoPDF, your files are in good hands. These PDF tools are an essential and convenient way to handle your PDFs. This website offers the service of these kinds of tools, 100% free. Try it out now and see them for yourself.