3 Stylish Ways to Update Your Bistro With Outdoor Blinds

Melbourne eatery businesses are seeing an upward trend in visitors and you need to make sure they want to visit your space. How? Updating your bistro should be high on your list of things to do this year.

Features such as plants, modern furnishings and a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference to your outdoor eating space. Another way to give your bistro a stylish boost is installing café blinds, especially if you want to keep your customers comfortable no matter the weather outside.

Keep reading as we talk about outdoor blinds for bistro settings and how to use them to create an ambiance that encourages your patrons to visit you for their next meal!

3 Stylish Ways to Update Your Bistro with Outdoor Blinds

1. Visually Appealing Outdoor Cafe Blinds

Gone are the days of boring blinds! With modern products, installing visually appealing café blinds adds to the ambiance of your eatery while being functional. The following visual features of premium-quality café or alfresco blinds enhance the atmosphere of your business with very little effort!

  • Heavy-duty zips and reinforced edges: These keep the blinds in place no matter how much wind or rain is battering them. This creates a neat and sturdy appearance whenever the blinds are kept down during harsh weather.
  • Built-in doors: There’s nothing stylish about holding a blind back whenever a customer wants to enter or exit your outdoor eating area. Built-in doors create a seamless appearance when the outdoor blinds are down.
  • Colour: Customised outdoor blinds give you the freedom to pick the colour of your choice, be it funky, fresh or elegant. What better way to visually attract customers to your bistro?

Modern designs that match your existing décor allow you to personalise your outdoor café blinds so they boost your brand look while adding pleasing aesthetics to your bistro.

2. Stylish Features for Comfort and Ambiance

The Melbourne climate makes eating outdoors an absolute pleasure – most of the time! However, protection against the harsh UV rays, gusts of wind and rainy weather is a must if you want your customers to be comfortable. Installing outdoor blinds with stylish features keeps the ambiance of your bistro while offering ultimate comfort to your diners.

When upgrading your bistro, look out for the following stylish features in outdoor blinds that will protect your customers during harsh weather conditions:

  • Clear or tinted PVC materials: Great for shielding your customers from the harsh sun while creating a cozy atmosphere. Your patrons will benefit from additional protection against insects and dust as well as wind and rain.  
  • Enclosed pelmets: Not only do these give your bistro an instant uplift but they give added protection against rain and wind. Enclosed pelmets add value to your property should you ever want to sell your business.
  • Custom-size: Measured to the size of your space, custom outdoor blinds fit snugly, offering additional protection when closed while still being visually attractive. You no longer need to worry about flapping blinds and gaping holes because of ill-fitting screens!

When looking for outdoor blinds with stylish features ensure all components are of top quality too. This way, you can guarantee ultimate comfort and the right atmosphere without compromising on the lifespan of your outdoor blinds.

3. Smart Motorised Features for Luxury

If you’ve been using outdoor blinds for many years, you’re familiar with the rope and pulley or crank system that made opening and closing the screens noisy and burdensome! Fortunately, over the years, these systems have been vastly improved , making it easier to operate outdoor blinds.  

But, if you’re looking for an instant update to seriously impress your patrons, you can’t go wrong with motorised outdoor blinds. What better way to control your café blinds than a touch of a button that silently opens and closes your outdoor screens—with no effort from you.

Motorised outdoor blinds add a sense of luxury to your bistro and your diners are protected from unpleasant weather.

Furthermore, using smart sensor technology and your smartphone, you can effortlessly manage how much light comes into your outdoor eating space. This allows you to be less reliant on artificial lighting, saving you on your monthly energy bills too!

User-friendly, motorised features are the safest way to operate blinds, an important factor when responsible for public health and safety in your bistro. It’s also a great investment that sees good returns should you sell your bistro.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor café blinds can do wonders for an outdated bistro and opting for stylish and modern features will give you the instant update you want to impress diners. Picking motorised blinds Melbourne eateries are installing or customised features will instantly modernise your eatery.

Updating your bistro with stylish outdoor blinds ensures you don’t miss out on the rise in visitors spending time at recreational destinations in Melbourne. This is your chance to bounce back and turn your bistro into a thriving business for years to come!