3 things to consider before choosing the right Australian swimwear

In Australia, summer falls between December and February, which is ideal for exploring beaches. After all, this country is well-known for it. According to a website, Australia is home to more than 10000 beaches, among which Bondi and Whitehaven are popular. Exploring a beach requires you to pack all the necessary items like sunscreen, cute bags, extra sets of clothes, and sunglasses. But most importantly, you will need Australian swimwear or a swimsuit. If you can’t find anything suitable in your wardrobe, you can immediately search for an online store and purchase the swimsuits. But if you’re baffled about choosing the right ones. Here are the factors that will help you in selecting the best.

  1. Body type: Before choosing a flattering swimsuit, you must consider your body type. You must measure your torso, waist, bust, and chest. Make sure that you measure them properly. You can look for a sizing chart online that describes your body type. If you find out you have a rectangle body type, it means you have an average or small bust, and the width of the hips is similar to that of the shoulders. With this body type, you must buy swimsuits that can create an illusion of curves. It is recommended to wear a one-piece with cutouts. When it comes to the pear body shape or triangle body type, the tights and hips are fuller, the waistline is narrow, and the bust is small. Women with pear-shaped bodies can wear deep-cut monokinis, but it is advisable to steer clear of high waist bottoms. Patterned tops will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention. An hourglass body has a narrow waist and a well-balanced hip and bust. To look enticing, you can highlight your bust. A one-piece monokini is recommended for women with hourglass body types. An apple-shaped body has a less defined waist and fullness at the center. You can look for swimsuits that highlight lean legs. 
  2. Fabrics: There are many materials used in the making of swimsuits. Polyester is one of the most used materials by many manufacturers because of its durability and soft fabric. That’s not all; it dries faster. So, if you are going for a swim, you can opt for polyester materials. This material is chlorine-resistant and protects the wearer from harmful sun rays. Nylon is another material that dries easily. It is incredibly appealing and has a glossy shine. If you are looking for fashionable swimwear, nylon material is a great choice. Elastane is a synthetic fabric similar to elastic clothing, which is ideal for swimsuits. PBT, also called polybutylene terephthalate, has a natural stretch. If this material is combined with a dull or matte finish, it will float through the pool or water. 
  3. Colours and patterns: You can also look for swimsuits with different colours that flatter your figure and allow you to look your best. For instance, if you want to highlight your feature, you can look for bright patterns and colours. For dark-skinned women, bright colours will be incredibly flattering, whereas, for women with pale skin, deep jewel or black tones like navy, dark purple, and maroon provide a fantastic appearance. You can also search for pastel colours and earthy tones that are pleasing and soothing to the eyes. Ruffled patterned pieces can add volume or highlight your hips and bust. A ruched or shirred material can hide volume on the waist. Most of all, you can mix and match all the styles and patterns for your two-piece swimwear. Also, don’t forget to play with colours. 

Finding the perfect Australian swimwear is effortless with the factors mentioned above. You can flaunt your style and figure by selecting a beautiful piece. Vacationing on the beach has never been better!

Publish By: Grace