3 Tips When To Choose A Muffler For Your Vehicle

A time will arrive when you start to notice that your car’s muffler is having all sorts of problems. Since you do not have any experience inspecting car mufflers, you decide to drive your car over to a car mechanic. And once they finish inspecting your car, they tell you that you need to replace your mufflers with a new one because it already has extensive damage. 

You should know that getting a new exhaust muffler for your car is not as easy as you think. There are many kinds of mufflers, and each of them will usually only fit with a specific chassis unless you have extra money to customize and make it fit on a different car. You can find several expert tips when choosing a muffler and ensure you get the right one that will suit your car needs.

Tip #1: Know what type of muffler you need

You need to know about mufflers because they have three different types that each have specific features. You have the absorption, cancellation, and diffusion-type mufflers, so you have to know each of them to ensure you get the right muffler for your car. Usually, your car mechanic can provide you with the details about the three, but it is still better to do your research or refer to other professional car mechanics. 

And if you are still confused about what type of exhaust muffler to get, you can always refer to your car’s manual because it usually provides details that will help you choose the right one. Never decide things too fast, especially when it is something that you will install on your car, because you will be wasting valuable time and money if it does not go your way. 

Tip #2: Loud or quiet mufflers

You may have seen tons of cars driving on the highway with large exhausts that are too loud, especially when they step on the gas. Most of the time, those people only want to get a loud exhaust because it makes them stand out and feel like they have a racecar. However, other mufflers in the market are not too loud but can enhance your car’s overall performance. 

But if you are not after improving performance, you are better off with getting a quieter exhaust. A loud exhaust can sometimes cause public disturbance and increase the chances of people calling the cops on you, and you would never want that to happen. If you want to get the best of both worlds, some mufflers give you the option to choose street and race mode, making your car muffler loud or quiet with a push of a button. 

Tip #3: Choosing single or dual exhausts

Some cars have a single exhaust pipe, while others have dual exhaust, and you might want to have a dual one on your current car because it looks cooler. Remember that not all cars can accept dual exhausts because your bumper might not fit the dual pipes. 

If you plan on putting dual exhaust on your car, you might need to cut through your bumper or buy an aftermarket bumper to make it fit. You should also note that there are single exhausts that are big that may also not fit on your bumper, so you have to talk with your mechanic on what is the best muffler type that will not require you to spend a lot on it. 

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About The Author: Sanath Pollemore