4 Extracurricular Activities That Will Help You Get Into Law School

Getting into college is typically high on the to-do list of many teens, but being accepted isn’t always easy. A law degree can be one of the most highly sought after, which also makes it one of the most competitive. If you’re longing to become a lawyer and are desperate to study at the college of your dreams then you will need some expert extracurriculars to boost your application. It can be hard to know which hobbies to pick to bolster your college resume, so we’ve rounded up the best four things to sign up for to get you on your way. Check them out below! 

  1. Debate Team 

Any budding lawyer should know that debating skills will get them far. Most of your career success will be based on your ability to convince judges and juries of your client’s side of the story, so having fantastic debating expertise will be vital. Join your high school debate team and improve your arguing abilities to ensure that your skills are up to scratch come admissions season for law courses. Even better if your school competes in national debate events as you will be able to earn official recognition for your competency.

  1. Student Government

Being a great leader and having involvement in student politics will make your application stand out for any degree, but particularly with law. If you can run for an elected post and win, you will have proven your ability to convince others to believe in you. Not only will it look great on paper, but it will also enable you to learn diplomacy, tact, and negotiation skills which will, in turn, help shape you into a fantastic lawyer. Make sure you have a record of all of the changes you have implemented during your time in student government as proof that you can make a difference and have the ability to achieve successful outcomes.

  1. Journalism

Get yourself on the student paper and cover any political stories across your school or any reporting of issues or wrongdoing. Try and get an internship with your local newspaper and ask to work on court reporting. Legal journalism will show that you have an understanding of the legal system and also show off your communication, research, and writing skills, all huge factors in being a successful lawyer.  

  1. Law Society

Many high schools will have a law society where you can fight in moot court, prepare legal files and study real-life cases. This will give you an excellent taste of what is to come should you embark on a career in law. Universities’ will look for candidates who show active involvement in the learning of law so being part of a law society will show your interest and enable you to learn fantastic skills along the way. Take care to really absorb any of the knowledge you learn when taking part as it will help you further down the road when you’re studying at college.

Are you an aspiring lawyer? Share your journey to college in the comments to inspire others!