4 Industries that Most Benefit from Technology

The world has experienced digital transformation throughout the 21st Century. The tech market has evolved and transformed many spheres. From blockchain-based payments to self-driving cars, tech advancements boomed, and many industries started to reap the benefits from these innovations, digitalising our lives and making it easier for us to perform daily tasks.

But what industries have changed the most thanks to digital transformation? And how has technology changed the ways we live and how the world operates? We created this article to help you explore the top areas that have been transformed by technology the most.

Healthcare Industry

As can be expected, the healthcare industry was one of the first domains revolutionised by technological advancements. For instance, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is one of the key advancements that has already improved how medical professionals can analyse their patient’s anatomy. 

Such revolutionising tech pieces like VR-powered training surgeries, wearable devices for tracking vitals, and glucose-monitoring implant that transmits information onto the patient’s phone through apps, the medical industry sees great changes that can improve care and patients’ experience.

Automotive Industry 

Another industry that has greatly changed thanks to technology is the automotive industry. The major advancements were in the motor vehicle industry. For example, some companies like Waymo have started to offer driverless cars as taxi services. 

The electric car market is also growing rapidly and is believed to overcome regular cars’ popularity soon. People tend to choose more ecological solutions for everything, and EVs are excellent choices. In addition, this market also provides the best EV charging app, a must-have for all electric car owners. Such apps make it easy for owners to find EV charging points near me and pay for the charge through their phones.

Finance Industry

The finance industry reaps many benefits from technologies, becoming more efficient, secure and accessible due to the online world. For instance, online banking offers a way in which people can easily access and manage their finances just using their phones, while the lion’s share of banks provide applications for account holders to monitor their money. 

It is also vital to mention that the finance market can greatly change in a few years thanks to blockchain adoption. The FinTech market is increasingly popular today since it offers more efficient, fast and secure transactions that do not require intermediates and have reduced costs.


Finally, the dating industry has also been revolutionised by technology. It has transformed how people communicate and get to know each other. Even though online dating is not unique, the tech advancements in online dating are. 

The development of convenient applications such as Tinder and Bumble technology has greatly helped people find their soulmates and improve the ease of finding a date. Users were given easy and fast access to pictures, hobbies, interests, location and other information needed to quickly find the person that fits their preferences.