4 Jobs Every Wine Lover Needs To Check Out

Do you have a passion for wine? So do we! If you find yourself visiting wineries, going to tasting sessions or experimenting with different wine-meal combinations, working in wine could be a dream come true. Turn your passion for wine into something more than your daily dinner drink-try a career, even if it’s part-time! You may never have considered working in wine, but those who do find it incredibly rewarding and a labor of love. Whether you’re interested in working in insurance for wineries or as a wine blogger, there’s a job for you out there. Today, we list 4 jobs that you should explore if you love wine.

Do These Tickle Your Taste Buds?

Job Number 1: Working in Winery Insurance

You might have some niche knowledge about how wineries operate, owing to your many winery excursions. Use that knowledge to your advantage in the corporate world. By working in wine insurance, you’ll gain even more exposure to the processes involved in winemaking. Help the wineries you love protect their facilities and learn more about an area you’re passionate about. Who knows, your happy clients may even gift you a bottle or two!

Job Number 2: Wine Blogger

Perhaps you prefer to work on your own terms, and in your own time. If you happen to love writing and sharing pictures of your life, being a wine blogger could be great fun! Your passion for wine will ensure you never run out of things to write about. From introductions to the world of wine for the budding enthusiast to reviews of highly acclaimed wines, you’ll gather an online following before you know it. Sit back with a glass of wine and get those creative juices flowing while staying at a nice place like Rutherglen wine region accommodation .

Job Number 3: Vintner

Ah, to be the person at the heart of the wine-enjoyment experience.Winemakers, also referred to as vintners, oversee the whole process of winemaking, from harvesting to fermentation to bottling. You’ll become a master in distinguishing different wines, not to mention learning to make some smashing wines. You’ll also get to put that business shrewdness to use-not only do vintners make wine, but they sell it, too. Broaden your horizons and learn about the industry as you trade locally and internationally. 

Job Number 4: Sommelier

Finally, we have the sommelier. Do you love food as much as you love your wine? Working in a restaurant may be for you! Pairing food with wine in top restaurants and talking to customers just as passionate about wine as you can be enjoyable. Teach staff how to present and pour perfectly. You’ll need a keen eye for detail and well-trained taste buds, which we’re sure you already have. Plus, you’ll be the first to sample the restaurant’s food-you know, for work purposes, of course.

Raise Your Glass!

Beautiful vineyards, vintage wine, classy clients-what’s not to love? Summon up that entrepreneurial spirit, roll up your sleeves, and get involved in the beautiful business of wine. We’ll raise a toast to that.