4 Qualities Of A Good Bra That You Should Know About

For women, bras are an integral part of their lives as they use them almost every single day. The lingerie industry has grown over the past ten years to become one of the largest industries today.

Due to the indispensability of bras for women, the bra selling industry has come up with various advancements such as different styles, sizes and prints.

Many companies have also started selling sustainable bras that are eco-friendly. For example, bamboo bras are made by using bamboo as the fabric.

These advancements provide a more excellent range of options for women to choose from. Here are some qualities of a good bra:

Proper Fitting

A bra must fit you just right; otherwise, it could cause much discomfort. The bra must not be too tight or too loose.

The bra should also be able to provide mobility; that is, you should be able to do all your daily activities without any problem or discomfort.

The bra straps need to fit just right on your shoulders. If the bra is too tight, the bra straps will hurt your shoulders, and if the bra is too loose, the bra straps could keep falling off of your shoulders.

There should not be any form of gaps in the bra cups as this is a significant indicator of a poorly fitting bra. The presence of gaps in the bra cups completely eliminates the applicability of the bra, hence making it useless.

To avoid these problems that could cause great discomfort and disrupt your day, it is necessary to buy only proper fitting bras that are comfortable to wear.

Proper Support

The next important quality of a good bra is proper support. The bra should provide adequate support to your breasts without causing any discomfort to you.

There are many sizes of bras available, and each size will offer the required support only when the bra is the right fit. Hence, it is essential to know your bra size as this makes finding a good-quality bra easier.

The support provided by the bra is also crucial as it helps to maintain good health. An extremely tight-fitting bra can cause many issues such as damage to tissues, inflammation, rashes and dry skin.

The bra should provide ample support without sitting too tightly on your back, as this can also cause skin issues such as acne on your back.

Material Used

The material from which the bra is made is a major deciding factor that determines the quality of the bra. The most commonly used fabric used to make bras were cotton. 

However, nowadays, a wide range of different materials that offer more comfort than cotton is being used. These materials include satin, polyester, nylon, and so on.

Cotton has primarily been used for decades to make bras. Bras made out of cotton are soft and comfortable to wear. These bras are also low-maintenance as they can easily be washed and reused.

Fabrics such as silk and nylon offer greater comfort than cotton but are essentially used to enhance the bras’ look.

Sustainable bras, such as bamboo bras, have also entered the market. These bras are growing in popularity because of their eco-friendly nature. 

A good-quality bra provides women with the comfort and confidence they need to have a hassle-free day!

About The Author: sanath pollemore