4 Things to Do Before Starting a Brewery

Are you thinking about starting a brewery?

Brewery business is not a small task. Everything from your branding to distribution will determine your growth. But before you start worrying about all those things, you have to start with a clear understanding of your competition.

Are you familiar with the craft beer industry in your region? Are there existing breweries that you should emulate?

Keep reading to learn the things you should do before starting a brewery.

1. Research Your Local Laws and Permits

This includes researching local zoning and federal alcohol laws as well as reviewing state and federal taxes and permits. This can involve researching and understanding state and federal laws about labeling, licensing, and labeling for specific types of beer.

Make sure there are no local restrictions or laws which will limit the brewing or selling of beer in certain areas. Researching these laws and permits can prevent potential legal and financial issues related to the production and sale of beer.

2. Hire a Qualified Brew Master 

In a beer company, a brew master should be knowledgeable in all areas of beer brewing technology and production. This includes recipes, equipment maintenance, sanitation, and safety protocols.

This person will have to have a thorough knowledge of beer styles, yeast, hops, and other ingredients to produce consistent and delicious beer. This person should have the ability to troubleshoot and develop innovative recipes, if needed. They should be able to manage production, staff, and quality control.

A brew master should have a degree in brewing sciences and practical knowledge and experience. If this isn’t done correctly, the brewery will not achieve its desired results.

3. Invest in Necessary Equipment

Selling beer can be an exciting venture, but before getting too far ahead of yourself, it’s important to invest in the necessary equipment. Planning for the future can help you save money and avoid any potential problems.

Figure out what you need to brew beer. This may include a brew kettle, fermenters, and a cool space for fermentation.

Assuming an existing property is not being used, it’s necessary to invest in milling equipment, pumps, filters, and other necessary brewing vessels and systems. If you need packing equipment, check this case packer for more info. 

4. Create a Marketing Strategy

A good strategy must incorporate a memorable brand identity and the promotion of concepts, products, and services. Developing an advertising plan to get the word out to potential customers is essential, as well as creating an online presence. This can be done through social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as traditional methods such as radio and print.

Research information on the industry and competitors is key, as it will provide strategies and ideas to be used in marketing the business. Furthermore, the development of a loyalty program and the creation of a customer base are key steps that must not be overlooked.

After the plan is developed and implemented, keep track of results to ensure the online strategy is generating desired results. Establishing clear goals and assigning measurements to them make for successful outcomes.

Making the Right Preparations for Starting a Brewery 

Overall, starting a brewery is an exciting journey that can be made simpler and more successful with the help of a few key preparatory steps. From securing a license to creating a strong business plan, be sure to plan and prepare carefully before beginning your new venture.

The rewards would be great, so start your brewery in your area today!

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