5 Benefits of a Roof Inspection Report

Did you know that roofs can last between 50-100 years depending on the materials? If you keep up with maintenance, the chances that it will last you a lifetime is high.

However, it is all too easy to let your roof slip under the radar. When this happens, your home could be subject to dangerous things like leaks and mold.

That is why it is critical to get a roof inspection report every one to two years. These inspections will alert you to an issue before it arises and allow you to make repairs.

Want to know the top five benefits of a roof inspection? If so, keep reading this article!

1. Avoid Leaks

The first thing to know about a roof inspection checklist is that leaks happen when you least expect them. That is especially true for homes in rainy or wet environments.

If you let your roof go too long without a roof certification inspection, you might be subject to weather erosion. Elements like wind and rain tend to wear away the roofing materials.

That means you could have an exposed hole that will allow rainwater to seep through into your ceiling. An inspector will be able to pinpoint these issues. They will also suggest the best methods to fixing holes and erosion.  

2. Keep Mold Away

If your roof experiences a leak, that becomes a breeding ground for mold. If left alone for too long, the mold could grow into your ceiling and spread spores throughout your home.

There are countless types of mold, the most dangerous being black mold. When you and your family breathe in these toxic spores, it could endanger your health. 

3. Enhance Safety

In 2019, fatalities from falling off roofs went up about 15%. That is because there are several dangers to climbing up on top of your home.

You are likely not a professional who knows how to navigate the slope and pitfalls of a roof. To keep you safe, hire a commercial roofing inspector to climb up there instead. These people undergo safety training to keep themselves safe while on the job. 

4. Keep Your Insurance

Many insurance policies contain clauses that require you to prove you have kept up maintenance on your roof. So, if something goes wrong, like leaking, and you try to use your insurance, you will need a roof report.

5. Lengthen Lifespan

Lastly, hiring an inspection company now and then will keep your roof going strong. Solving issues before they worsen will lengthen the lifespan of your roof.

That way, you can go years without having to put on a new roof. You might even be able to make it last a lifetime. 

Get a Roof Inspection Report 

As you can tell, there are several reasons to get a roof inspection report. A commercial roof inspection will help keep your home in tip-top condition. So, if you want to avoid leaking, mold, or ensure your insurance remains stable, it may be time to get an inspector out as soon as possible.

We hope this article helps you decide whether you require a roof inspection. If you enjoyed this article and want more home tips, we encourage you to read the rest of our blog today!