5 Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Youthful skin is elastic and bouncy due to plenty of collagen and elastin, but your skin might stop producing collagen and elastin as you age. Unfortunately, you might develop visible lines under the eyes and around the mouth due to free radicals, aging, and sun exposure. You should look for a Houston fillers dermatologist who can administer the procedure. The dermatologist should be careful with the dermal fillers as they should achieve facial symmetry; thus, you should ask for their experience and check the before and after photos from their previous patients. These dermal fillers’ benefits might make you consider getting the procedure done.

The Fillers Erase Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The fine lines and wrinkles show when you lose skin elasticity due to reduced elastin and collagen production. You might develop nasolabial folds and marionette lines around the face and mouth; these lines might add years to your age. The smile lines and parenthesis might become deep and difficult to ignore; thus, it may be better to get the dermal fillers which consist of the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. The acid restores the volume below the skin surface, filling the wrinkles and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid draws moisture to the skin, fighting aging signs.

They Plump the Lips

Although some people may be born with thin lips, some might develop thin lips as they age. Lose of volume on the lips changes the skin texture, makes the lips less prominent, and creates vertical lip lines that make one look and feel old. The dermal fillers might alleviate the volume loss, plump the lips and reduce the vertical line leading to a youthful appearance.

The Prevent Tired Cheeks

The cheeks may lose volume if you engage in high-impact athletic activities; some people might experience the volume change due to declined elastin and collagen production due to aging. Some dermal fillers would restore the volume on the cheeks, thus lifting the cheeks leading to youthfulness.

They Offer Natural-Looking Results

The dermal fillers will not change the face shape as it only fills the fine lines and wrinkles; thus, you will achieve a natural-looking face. However, if your dermatologist does not have the right training and experience, they may over-plump the skin resulting in an asymmetrical face. Therefore, it would be wise to ask about their experience and training.

It Has Zero Downtime

You would want a procedure with zero downtime, especially if you work in a busy office. You can receive the dermal fillers during your break at work as it has zero downtime. You will return to your normal activities immediately after receiving the injection; moreover, the results are instant. The hyaluronic acid immediately fills the fine lines and wrinkles and adds volume to your skin.

Aging is a blessing, and the fine lines and wrinkles might remind you of the many times you smiled; however, if you don’t fancy the aging signs, you can reverse them with dermal fillers. The dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acids, which occur in your body naturally; the acid fills the fine lines and wrinkles, leading to a plump face. Moreover, the acid is a humectant and would attract moisture to the skin, increasing elasticity; good luck finding a dermatologist who can administer the dermal filler injections.

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