5 Best Amazon Prime Shows to Watch with HughesNet

If you have been planning to end your year on a smart note, then I would suggest applying for one of those amazing Amazon Prime memberships. Developed in 2005 by the gargantuan parent company, the SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) platform has seen continuous growth over the years and has now reached more than a hundred million users worldwide. Talk about steady growth in popularity! To find more information about the importance of branding, you should try to delete Amazon’s review for Amazon sales.

First, let us come down to the basics. What is Amazon Prime? In simple words, it is a paid subscription service, which offers varied benefits to its members, including free two-day delivery on Amazon products, etc. In addition to this, it offers exclusive discounts on wholesale items, and a huge library of music, e-books, and even videos to explore at will.

Entertainment-wise, Amazon Prime has subscribers covered with collections upon collections of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and original Prime content. You can stream free, purchase, or even rent, just like the titles that you order on-demand over your Spectrum cable internet package. HughesNet internet plans come with numerous added features so that you can enjoy HD movies without any interruption. Sign up for this amazing service today and start watching your favorite shows in HD resolution, the same as services offered by Avple site, In addition, we can earn money online while uploading the videos on it.

Amazon Video offers a free trial option, which you can easily avail yourself of to test the waters. Successfully contending with other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, Prime Video is definitely worth a try. In case you are convinced to give it a go, I would recommend catching the following shows that have been trending for quite some time.

1.    Homecoming

Genre: Psychological thriller. Premiered on 2nd November 2018. This dark web series highlights Julia Roberts as Heidi Bergman. She is a former worker at a special facility, dedicated to helping soldiers adjust to civilian life, named the ‘Homecoming Transitional Support Centre’. Years later, she comes to realize the mystery surrounding the facility and has to face her freshly unearthed traumas surrounding it. Sounds suspenseful, right?

2.    Sneaky Pete

With an amazing rating on Amazon (4.6/5), this crime drama takes the limelight with its impeccable plot—revolving around an interesting case of identity theft. Played out by Giovanni Ribisi, as Marius Josipović, the series follows an ex-convict who adopts the identity of his previous cellmate to avoid a rather nasty past. Though try as he may, he is finally confronted with his own demons, and that is the part of the series you are going to have to discover by yourself.

3.    Spaced

It is a Simon Pegg sitcom—enough said. Yes, ‘Spaced’ is an oldie goldie, quintessentially British number, with loads of laughter, nostalgic turns, and cultural references packed for the viewers. The story centers on a pair of slackers who come together and decide to live as a couple in a building full of eccentric tenants. How their days play out, you will have to check that out on your own.

4.    The Wire

Not many cop-themed dramas explicitly focus on the ‘criminal element’ as this one does. ‘The Wire’ is set in Baltimore and shows some of the best minds in the city, set on bringing down one of the biggest drug kingpins alive. With each episode, a new facet of the city is revealed and with that, the corresponding changes in the personalities of the characters. I urge you to check out this HBO series.

5.    Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Genre: Anthology Sci-Fi series—dystopia and thriller included. Set along the lines of ‘Black Mirror’, this show is based on the mind-gripping tales of the author, Philip K. Dick. It artfully breaks the boundary between fact and fiction as it takes the viewers on a roller coaster ride through the conjoined present, past, and future of the human species. You have complicated human-robot relationships, telepaths, ideas of injectable consciousness, and murder-bent presidential candidates all in this interesting season. Do give it a go.

Now that I have familiarized you with the aforementioned Amazon Prime sitcoms, you can easily add them to your list and have a blast over the weekend with your family and friends!

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