5 best hair transplant surgeons in India

Unlike their father’s generation who walked into their life in 40s and 50s with full growth of hair, modern men are inching towards baldness and other hair problems even in their 20s. Given the lifestyles that young generation is living today, premature balding has become more like a trend. Most of the men as well as women are affected by such hair loss problem and are seeking for a solution that helps in gaining the permanent outcomes. The procedure of hair transplant include permanent transplant that brings back the natural hair even without any side effects. Hair transplant is a life-changing decision that needs to be considered safely. For this, one needs to choose the hair transplant surgeon wisely who can assure the better outcomes of the whole procedure. Here are some important points to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best hair transplant surgeon in India:

1. The qualification of surgeon: The qualification of surgeon must be approved from the MCI (Medical Council of India). Only the certified surgeons are allowed to perform this procedure and the specialty of the surgeon comes out after their years of experience in the field.

2. The hair transplant experience: Only those surgeons are considered most that have expertise in this field by performing multiple hair transplant surgeries in their career and earned a credit. If a surgeon has more than 7-8 years of experience and has earned a good reputation by offering a number of successful results should be given preference.

3. Logical decision ability: The logical decision making ability of the surgeon is identified by their understanding to use the donor area in the best feasible manner. This area must be chosen wisely and in a way that they could be used for future sitting.

4. The aesthetic skills and understanding: In order to perform the hair transplant procedure, it is mandatory that the surgeon possesses the required set of skills and proficiency in performing their job. Their aesthetic skills are rated on the basis of making the hairline designing, implantation of grafts and slit formation in the recipient area of the scalp.

It is really important to choose the experienced hair transplant surgeon for performing the procedure. The surgeon must have a good understanding, skills and knowledge of all the aspects. Based on the above points, here are the best 5 hair transplant surgeons with worldwide recognition that one many consider:

1. Dr. SuneetSoni: He is a world-class surgeon for performing amazing hair transplant procedures in India. He has over decade of experience in this field especially with the advanced FUT / Strip method as well as the combination of FUT + FUE hair transplant.

2. Dr. Vipul Nanda: He has over two decades of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, he performs both FUT (follicular unit transplant) and FUE (follicular unit extraction) techniques to treat baldness.

3. Dr. Paul: He is a renowned hair transplant surgeon in India with clinics in many cities in India. Dr. Paul Advanced Hair and Skin Solutions is the best hair transplant clinic in India providing highest professional standard of excellence and care for hair car and hair transplant.

4. Dr. Sahil Gupta: Dr. Gupta is a renowned hair transplant surgeon that heads Satya Skin, Laser and Hair Transplant Clinic. He is known for practicing the most advanced technology and equipment to perform the procedure.

5. Dr. Rakesh Khazanchi: He is one of the most renowned surgeons in India with more than three decades of experience in taking workshop sessions and lectures for the medical students. He also heads the plastic and reconstructive surgery department at Medanta, Gurgaon in Haryana.