5 Best Junior Colleges in Pune that Provides Science and Commerce

The Junior colleges are a highlight of Pune city. With many students getting allured to get an education in their dream junior college, Pune has become a city that every student wants to go to. The main reason is that the junior colleges in Pune have been producing many students who can crack difficult entrance tests and get into the college of their dreams. After all, this is the foundation of education which leads students to become their best selves and do best in their respective careers. Read more to find the list of five best junior colleges in Pune for Science and Commerce.

1. Zeal Education Society (Dnyanganga Junior College)
Dnyanganga Junior College is a branch of the Zeal Education Society that is popular for providing the ace level education to students. The Junior College was found in 2001 and it has produced excellent students till now. The JC provides education in such a way that it promises that students reach their full potential. The college faculty leads its students towards perfection.

2. Shivneri School & Junior College
Shivneri School & Junior College has both foundation courses for Science and Commerce stream along with IIT, JEE, NEET, CA, CPT and much more. It is equipped with all the modern facilities that help the student to grow intellectually. The environment at the school is such that students get inspired to study by themselves. The support of experienced teachers is always available to them too.

3. Suryadutta Group of Institutes
Suryadutta Group of Junior College offers Science, Commerce, and Arts to students from different educational backgrounds. Just like other junior colleges, it is recognized by the government of Maharashtra. It is a renowned college with quality education.

4. Dhole Patil Junior College
Dhole Patil JC is famous for its way of educating students with interactive and participate methods. The teachers introduce new ways of learning for students. The college has hostel facility, computer center, wifi, library and modern classrooms for the development of students.

5. Arham Junior College
Arham Junior College claims that its mission is to provide facilities to students so that they can face any upcoming challenges in their studies and career. Audio- Video lectures and biometric attendance systems are a few of the technological features that the JC uses for its students. The junior college also provides an android app for the ease of access of students and their parents.

So, if you are planning to take admission in a Junior College to study Science or Commerce, then keep in mind this list. You can visit the website of the college you are interested in to find out more about the college environment and study culture in college. To get admission in the college of your dreams, you must study hard and spend time preparing to get into junior college. Just because the time once lost will never come back, students should take control of the present moment. Once you get into junior college, you can study sincerely and enjoy college life.