5 Big Mistakes To Avoid For Better TikTok Live Streaming

Are you an early user of TikTok? Have no idea, how to start with TikTok live streaming? If yes, learn about TikTok Live streaming in this article. TikTok Live helps for real-time interaction with potential audiences. But you may have a doubt, about why TikTok users should use TikTok Live streaming? TikTok live streaming is one of the best options for users to know more about the opinions and interests of the audience. To gain better reach, do live stream without making mistakes. So before all of that, understand the tactics of live streaming and then go live! Let us get straight into the article!

Interesting Facts About TikTok

TikTok has become a top-ranking video-sharing social media platform among brands and businesses. In the previous years, TikTok had 142% of the total revenue, and the platform has got more than one billion users. So, if you are opting for TikTok to improve your profile’s visibility, then know how to buy tiktok followers? In addition, you can also discover various exciting options to drive profile engagement. 

1. Don’t Stream Short Duration TikTok Live Videos

In recent times, several TikTok creators are repeating the same mistake again and again by streaming TikTok Live only for a short duration. But there’s no thumb rule that TikTok Live should only stream for 15- minutes. You can even go beyond the limit by explaining more about your content through your TikTok Live. The TikTok platform has expanded the length of TikTok Live up to 60-minutes. TikTokers can utilize this opportunity to the fullest and shall create longer live that boost the engagement rates.

Why did TikTok expand its video time limit? The platform wants its users to engage more time on the platform and is motivating TikTok users to go the longer duration of TikTok live. Sometimes, in the future, TikTok may even be expanding the TikTok video time even longer. After all, TikTok’s 60-minutes live videos will not be enough if you want to present something deeper. 

2. Not Focusing On Completion Rate

TikTok users should pay attention to the most significant factors while going on TikTok Live which include the completion rates and watch time. Do you want to know what completion rates refer to? Here follows the aspects of completion rates,

  • Checking how many people are watching the TikTok live stream from beginning to end. 
  • Total watch time.
  • TikTok live streams won’t be visible to a massive audience if your completion rate is less. 

Furthermore, there are some methods to make people watch your TikTok video:

  • Follow the trending topics in your industry.
  • Try narrating a story.
  • Start to post videos frequently. 

Your completion rate will depend on how long viewers view your TikTok videos. For instance, if the audience has watched your video once completely from the beginning to end then the completion rate becomes 100%, whereas if audiences choose to watch it for a second time, the completion rate will increase twice the percentage.

3. Not Looking At Audio Quality

Make sure that you start your live stream on TikTok with the best audio quality. Sometimes, TikTok broadcasters will make this general mistake of either making their speech too far or close to the microphone. So to make your TikTok live streaming perfect, do live with the best audio-delivering gadgets. Always check your microphone’s condition before starting your TikTok live. If your microphone is good, focus on your distance from the mic. 

4. Live Streaming At Irrelevant Time

Make sure that you don’t begin your TikTok live streaming when your audience isn’t active. For instance, if your audiences are a bunch of teens, the best idea is to start your TikTok live streaming on the weekends. Also, look at the TikTok statistics to check the audience’s active time on TikTok. Also, TikTok has built-in analytics where you can identify the prime times and days your potential audience is active.

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5. Not Working On Engagement Rates

Live streaming engagement is an effective method to become successful on TikTok. After calculating the watch times, TikTok measures the number of likes, comments, shares, and followers you got on your live stream to make your live reach a broader audience. So, check how can you create engaging TikTok live streaming and get more likes and comments?

Here are the following aspects that you should consider before starting TikTok Live streaming:

  • Try asking questions to motivate more comments.
  • Narrate a story to make your audience engaged throughout the TikTok live stream. 
  • Discuss trending niches. 

Sum Up Facts

Well, that’s it! The article explained five mistakes that you can avoid while streaming TikTok Live. So, always remember that several other TikTok Live streamers are on the platform. Moreover, the competition is high on the TikTok platform, so you should start to plan your TikTok live streams to go viral. 

Understand what works for your TikTok audience and followers in your profile. In the end, it’s all about focusing on your individuality in TikTok live, so ensure you engage your audience as much as you can! 

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