5 Common Front Door Buying Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

Did you know that guests and homebuyers judge a house within 30 seconds of being there?

Before they walk inside, they are already making judgments about your home, and you likely have as well. 

If you want to create a lovely aesthetic to help you fall in love with your home, you should focus on the front door. 

Keep reading to discover the most common front door buying mistakes that can damage your curb appeal! 

1. Purchasing the Wrong Style

One of the worst front door buying mistakes to make is getting a style that doesn’t suit your home.

If you live in an old Victorian home, for example, a steel door wouldn’t look appropriate. Consider the appearance and style of your home’s exterior and try to find a door that would complement its look. Wood doors are often used for older homes while modern styles include more steel and fiberglass. 

2. Avoiding a Budget 

Giving yourself a front door budget is essential since a single door can cost you an entire paycheck. 

If you are looking for affordable doors, US Window & Door can help. This company has a variety of options to choose from and can work with any type of budget. Purchasing the cheapest options might seem like a good idea, but these doors will often let air escape from the home, leading to other expenses.

3. Skipping Measurements 

Have you ever gone shopping and realized that you never took measurements?

Assuming that your doorway is the average size could lead to major issues down the road. If you want your door to be effective in protecting you and keeping cool air out, you need the exact measurements.

If you can’t fill in a gap because of hardware, you can use rubber to seal cracks. 

4. Overlooking Maintenance 

Each door is unique and has its way of getting cleaned and cared for over the years. 

Wood doors are one of the more high-maintenance doors, however, they look wonderful. You may have to sand and restain the door every few years, but this will largely depend on the conditions in which the door is exposed. Adding a storm door in front of wood doors can help preserve them. 

Fiberglass is another popular option since it requires less care than wood. Fiberglass won’t warp, expand, or rot over the years. 

5. Buying Ineffective Doors

When you are installing front doors, you need to consider your climate to find the most effective choices.

Many people in the midwest and northern states use wood doors since they are secure and can handle extreme weather. Fiberglass doors are also recommended since they are well-insulated and can keep your home from wasting energy.

If you are looking for the strongest front door material, steel is another choice. This will give you the best protection and can prevent cold air from getting inside the house.  

Don’t Make These Front Door Buying Mistakes 

Avoiding these front door buying mistakes is essential, especially since the door is one of the first things people see in your home. 

If you want to create a welcoming environment before you even walk through the door, you need to consider your climate and budget. Getting the right material and style for your home will be the most difficult part, but it’s also fun. 

Don’t be afraid to try a new design that could enhance your home’s appearance. 

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