5 Common Misconceptions Regarding Tutors Debunked!

Suppose you are a parent and your child is under-performing in the school- wouldn’t it let you down? Similarly, if your child aspires to learn something new, but there aren’t enough resources available at the school premises, it would be extremely discouraging. The education system has apparently experienced the cooperation of private tutors who maneuver as a helping hand in situations like these. With a fundamental understanding, a tutor can be referred to as an individual that assists the students with the required skill and knowledge, basis the school curriculum. 

By spending a few hours after school, students can enroll in private tuitions to get better in areas where they lack or join for routine practice sessions and comprehensive assessments. Tutoring may have been considered for those students who might face difficulties on a routine basis; however, this could be completely untrue now – students take up extra tuition sessions to cover up the curriculum in an effective approach.

While tutoring strengthens the ability to learn and grasp things, it also helps you hone interpersonal skills and time management. Further, it is observed that in a traditional classroom environment, it is a bit difficult for a student to gain personalized attention from the teacher. However, this is not the case with a private tutor – here students experience one-on-one sessions with the mentor/tutor to comprehend the concepts and boost confidence via self-learning methods. 

The following are some of the misconceptions in regards to Tutoring – 

  • Tutoring Is Only Meant For Students That Struggle – Well this statement cannot be true because every student that feels the urge to learn more, get better at grades, fears failure, or possess a very competitive spirit enroll for tuitions. It is not only for those students who fall behind the rest and cannot grasp an array of concepts. Tutoring not only enhances a student’s learning approach but also helps him/her realize the core areas where they require special attention. A primary benefit of having a tutor is to get a personalized one-on-one experience that you can scale up or down as per your understanding. It is for students who excel in their studies as well as those who fall behind. 
  • Tutoring Can Be Difficult To Fit Into A Schedule – As easy it is to incorporate a tutor into your daily routine, it can sometimes be difficult to manage the time. However, there are multiple methods a student can adopt to cope with schooling along with the tutoring schedule. From a student’s perspective, an ideal time to go for tutoring classes is when they are done with school, evenings could probably be a good time to attend tuitions and experience a positive academic impact.
  • Summer Break Tutoring Is Not Advantageous – Summer breaks are a great time for any student to learn and enhance their motor skills. A better way is to enroll in summer tuitions that offer a variety of effective courses, combined to help an individual gain beneficial accomplishments. Summer tuitions can cover up to a whole list of extra-curricular activities as well, thus building interpersonal and communication skills. Further, children are free during the summer break and look forward to an exciting thrill to do something new, so what better than learning new subjects could be!
  • Tutoring Is Expensive – It is quite rumored that private tutoring could be expensive, but if you dive into detailed research for tutor hunt, you can easily bag in some options that are readable available, and easy on your pocket. 
  • Tutoring Only Covers Specific Subjects – It depends upon the academic requirement of the student whether he/she needs assistance in a particular subject or multiple subjects. There are many tutors who cover only a specific subject and there are also tutors who possess knowledge of multiple subjects and can teach them all. As a student, one needs to self-assess where he/she lacks or needs to improve the skills.

A private tutor who typically assists in various subjects usually takes routine methods to impart knowledge. The aim is to pay heed to individual academic requirements and creating such an environment that helps the students to find comfort and at the same time, a room full of opportunities. Tutoring not only makes you understand concepts but further makes you develop a habit to critically think and analyze situations, both academically and socially.

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