5 Common Mistakes When Preparing for Florida Divorce

When you finally decide to terminate a marriage that poisons your life, it seems that the only mistake you can make is waiting for too long to start the process. While navigating the challenges of a divorce in Florida, one may consider revisiting their career path or exploring new business prospects for a fresh start. You might be asking yourself about how to start an llc in Florida, as this can be an excellent opportunity to focus your energies and build a strong financial base. The process might seem difficult but with the right guidance, it’s much simpler than you think. However, such a perception is superficial: when you start filing for marriage dissolution, you face a lot of difficulties throughout your way to single life. Thus, many couples make mistakes that postpone their divorce and make it even more stressful or expensive. In this post, we collected the top five things you shouldn’t do to divorce quickly. 

Going on dates when your divorce isn’t finalized

One of the common divorce mistakes that men do during the procedure of divorce is starting to date their lover or random women. At first, you may feel like dating someone new will help you to get over the failure of your marriage, but in the long term, it will harm you more than you expected. You need to take your time to grieve the loss of the bond you were hoping to be happy and long-lasting. Besides this, a lot of time should pass before you start perceiving new women in your life without comparing them to your ex. 

The other reason why you shouldn’t date anyone while going through marriage dissolution is that it may jeopardize your image in the eyes of a judge who is looking into your case. They may believe that besides the grounds stated in divorce by publication Florida petition, there are acts of infidelity in your situation. As a result, your chances of getting any preferences from the court will decrease. 

The last reason to refrain from dating new people during divorce is that it will hurt your kids. Be they small or teenage, they would be at least shocked by the fact that you are seeing new women before you are divorced. In the long run, it may deprive your bond a lot and cause hostile behavior towards you. 

Acting out of revenge

The next thing you shouldn’t do, whatever tempting it may seem, is acting out of revenge and anger. Marriage dissolution is a quite complicated process that has to be done with a cold head and a smart strategy if you want to succeed in it. Therefore, trying to harm your partner during the process will make you look miserable and mean in the eyes of a judge who will decide on your divorce. 

Even if you are the initiator of divorce, make sure your emotions are moderate before you start filing and hiring lawyers. A calm mind will also help you to save money and look eager to cooperate in court. 

Forgetting to change your will

If you have already composed your will, be sure to review it before your divorce. Since the fact of dissolution of marriage does not change the beneficiaries of your will or trust, you might want to change them on your own before dissolving your marriage. This is especially important if the main beneficiary of your property and money is your wife. 

To make the necessary changes, feel free to consult with your lawyer or get an independent consultant to serve you regarding the inheritance laws in Florida. Also, you can use government websites of the state to get the latest versions of local laws.

Lying to your attorney

What not to do during a divorce is hide any information from your lawyer or even lie to them. This mistake is probably one of the most expensive ones you can make since you are paying money to the professional and not using their expertise to your best if you lie to them. Also, your attorney cannot see the entire situation you appeared to be in if you are hiding some facts, overstating them, or slandering your partner. 

As a result of such conduct, you may not receive the service you hoped for from your lawyer and end up frustrated with the outcome of your divorce. So don’t try to improve your chances of winning the case through lying to the court and attorneys: staying honest to yourself and others will bring you much more in the long run. 

Neglecting tax issues while settling the agreement with your partner

The last thing what you shouldn’t do during divorce is missing the impact it can have on the amount of taxes you pay at the moment. To avoid it, consult with your lawyer regarding your money matters and your retirement plan, in particular. The retirement plans of your couple may happen to be divided as a result of marriage dissolution, so you will need to settle this issue before getting divorced as well. 

Keep in mind that the new tax laws in Florida impact the alimony payments after divorce. Since 2019, alimony is considered to be not tax-deductible for those who pay them; it is not considered to be the income to get taxed for recipients either. As you can see, this change can be bad or good depending on your status (payer or recipient).