5 Dynamic Career Pathways to Satisfy Your Creative Streak

You know you’re the creative type when the music playing inside your head is your creation. You love doodling or drawing instead of taking notes at a business meeting. Or if people compliment you after you recreate the scenes from your favorite movies. Have you ever wished to apply your creative talents to earn a fat paycheck? Utilize that unique and beautiful voice as a radio jockey. Write your way to fortune and glory in marketing and advertising communications. Or use your imagination as a creative website designer. There are various job opportunities out there that will allow your creative juices to flow like the river.

When it comes to finding a job that fits your personality and creativity, individuals undergo the same struggle when compared to ordinary human beings. When you usually think outside the box, you feel boxed in when working traditional jobs. However, the great thing is that the work world is broad, and there is always something out there for everyone.

You can take a quick career test to find the right job match that will allow you to utilize your skills to the fullest. They require the same dedication and hard work, sometimes even more when compared to ordinary job opportunities. Below are some enticing job opportunities that will allow your creative side to thrive.

Take a look;


If you possess a creative streak and wish to utilize your creative skills in a job setting, working as a hotel manager will always keep you on your feet. A hotel manager has to oversee all aspects of a hotel. They can range from maintaining the hotel’s aesthetic appeal to marketing and customer relationship management. Additionally, you will have to use your interpersonal skills and various employee management techniques.

Other roles of a hotel manager include training, supervising, recruiting staff, overseeing reservations, dealing with complaints, and marketing/promoting your hotel. To work as one, you will need a degree in the field of hospitality and tourism. There are various hospitality and tourism degrees online to choose from that will provide you with the necessary knowledge. Expect an average salary of around 110,000 dollars per year with an estimated growth of about 10 percent.


These teachers typically impart an education within their field of specialization (either art, drama, or music) to college or university students. They deliver lectures and prepare students for the fundamentals of acting, different music techniques, and art history. Their job demands that they direct rehearsals and organize performance groups.

To work as such a creative individual, you will require at least a master’s degree in arts, drama, or music. An art, music, or drama teacher’s average salary is around 70,000 dollars per year, with estimated job growth of about 12 percent.


Nothing will show your creative side more than working as a website developer. You will have to design and create websites that ensure your client has a fun and unique website. Other responsibilities include helping clients decide on the webpage’s information, testing applications, and writing back-end codes.

While you will not require a degree for such a job, you will need to have some coding or Web design experience to work in a professional setting. However, some companies do require you to have a web design associate degree. A web developer’s average salary is around 69,000 dollars per year, with an average growth of about 15 percent.


A landscape architect’s job is to design gardens, parks, green roofs, playgrounds, and other outdoor spaces for businesses, school/university campuses, and government or private facilities. The architects meet with their clients to prepare cost estimates and site plans. Furthermore, they analyze the environment for land conditions such as energy usage and drainage, acquire landscaping material, and much more.

To apply for a job as a landscape architect, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture.Additionally, you might need an architect’s license, which requires that you complete an internship program. Expect an average salary of around 68,230 dollars with an estimated growth of about 6 percent.


As the title suggests, a writer or author earns a living by sharing stories or facts with the world through advertisements, manuals, guides, movies, television scripts, novels, books, and much more. You can slowly make your way into the writing industry by publishing blogs and articles online. You can then apply for a job in a professional setting such as a production house or a studio and write scripts for drama serials and movies.  

You might not require a degree to publish a blog or write a book. But, you will need a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, or English to work at a studio or production house. Expect an average salary of around 62,170 dollars per year with an estimated growth of about 8 percent.


Whether you are the next Shakespeare or agile with a professional camera, there will always be a job opportunity for you to excel professionally. However, as a creative person, you will need to work on your discipline. Once you do, you will fulfill your employer’s creative requirements and earn significantly by doing so.

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