5 Early Signs of Hair Loss Everyone Should Know

Did you know that over 50% of men over 50 will have some sort of male pattern baldness?

What’s worse is, baldness doesn’t just strike men; women might suffer from it as well. And for both sexes, hair loss can happen at practically any age.

Does this information have you worried about your own beautiful locks? Then keep reading.

Here are 5 early signs of hair loss you should know about.

1. Huge Chunks of Hair Are Falling Out

It’s natural to lose a bit of hair every day. In fact, we shed anywhere between 50 to 100 hairs a day. So don’t panic just yet if you see strands of hair on your floor and tables, as that’s normal.

However, if huge chunks are falling out, that might be cause for concern.

2. Your Hair Feels Thinner

You run your hand through your hair, and one day, it feels like it’s much thinner than before. You might not be imagining things, after all.

Check in the back, as hair loss and baldness tend to start there. Many people actually don’t think to check there, so they usually miss that their hair’s thinning and they’re experiencing hair loss.

3. Your Hairline’s Receding

Perhaps there’s a certain way you’ve always styled your hair. But recently, it won’t look or feel right, no matter what you do. This might be because your hairline’s receding, which indicates that hair loss might be imminent.

Take a closer look at your scalp to see if it’s male pattern baldness. If you’re experiencing thinner hair at the temples instead of the sides and back, then that’s a sign you’re balding. You’ll soon notice the signs of a receding hairline.

4. You’re Experiencing Slower Hair Growth

The double whammy of hair loss and baldness is that not only are you losing your hair, but the strands are also growing much slower. Because of this, you might experience accelerated hair loss.

Not only is your hair falling out, but the strands that grow in their place aren’t coming in quick enough to make up for your hair loss.

5. Your Hair’s Growing in a Different Texture

This one’s related to the previous sign. Because your hair’s going through a different growth cycle, this can change its texture. The strands will usually feel thinner and weaker.

For some people, they might even start getting bizarre new hair textures, such as waves and curls by their ears.

If you find any of the above signs, you can always have a hair transplant done to hide hair loss!

Know the Early Signs of Hair Loss

By knowing the early signs of hair loss, you can be on the lookout for anything that’s out of the ordinary. And by catching it sooner rather than later, you can quickly mitigate any damage and find suitable ways to restore your hair before anyone even notices.

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