5 Frequent Questions Asked About Artificial Disc Surgery

Have you tried several lower back pain treatments with no success? If so, do not give up because the development of motion preservation surgery might be the solution to your back complications. Numerous people have opted for Flowood artificial lumbar disc, and it works. However, before going in for the surgery, there are different considerations you and your doctor should talk about. Let’s share and answer five frequent questions asked about artificial disc surgery.

1.      What Can I Expect From The Surgery?

You should know that artificial disc replacement does not enhance mobility but restores mobility before the surgery. Also, substituting the damaged disc relieves the associated pressure around the nerves, eliminating tingling, pain, and numbness.

2.      What Is The Process of Recovery After Artificial Disc Replacement?

Once ADR is executed through a minimally invasive process, you should expect to be ready to walk on the same day you receive the surgery. Nevertheless, you should ensure you follow practitioners’ requirements regarding activity to minimize the complication risks and re-injuring the part that surgery was performed on.

3.      What are the Pros and Cons of the surgery?


·         Preservation of Motion: This surgery is crucial as it allows your spine to bend and twist normally without complications. Artificial disc affects solely one vertebral set that firms the diseased disk.

·         Safeguards Other Discs: Disc replacement enables the lumbar spine to move normally, reducing the need for different surgeries and preventing adjacent discs from degeneration.


·         Not Everybody Can Get a Disc Replacement: This surgery comprises factors that may hinder you from getting them. to receive them, you must be:

 i.            Below 50 years old

ii.           Possess isolated and one-level disc disease

iii.            If you are morbidly obese

iv.            If you have scoliosis

·         Replacement of the Disc Should Be Done after Sometime: In most cases, artificial last for decades, but if you receive the disc at an early age, you may require the disc to be changed in the future. This is because discs usually last for approximately 40 years.

4.      Why should You Choose the Right Surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon is the critical decision you should make. This is because you want a certified and qualified specialist in artificial disc replacement to minimize further complications. An institution that provides several procedures, including surgical, therapeutically, and rehabilitative facilities, will guarantee the endurance of care through treatment and recovery time.

5.      When Is ADR Surgery The Best Option?

·         Degenerative Disc Disease: to several people, this condition occurs as a repercussion of aging, causing no pain or mobility loss. The condition may occur from dehydration within the disc, arthritis, collagen loss, and traumatic injury.

·         Disc Herniation: whenever your disc is injured or degenerates, it leaks its components into the nearby space, putting pressure on nerves or the spinal cord. These result in symptoms like pain, numbness, and tingling in the limbs.

Get Artificial Lumbar Disc Replacement Today

If you are willing to do the surgery, you should ensure you choose the right center and surgeon. At Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic in Flowood, Mississippi, you will find experienced neurosurgeon Adam Lewis, MD, and his team. They will serve you with a disc to replace a damaged or herniated disc, significantly restoring your movement and releasing pain. Call the clinic today or book online to schedule your appointment to determine whether the lumbar disc will solve your lower back pain complication.