5 Important Accessories for Family Trucks

Trucks are generally built to take on the hard jobs, but when it comes to kids and vehicles, even your truck might need a couple upgrades to keep up with things. If you are looking for accessories that make life easier when your work vehicle is also a family vehicle, look no further. There are a few key creature comforts that will make things easier for you and for the kids. The best part? Each of these essential family accessories happens to be budget friendly.

Side Steps for Children

Modern truck design leans toward taller build types that have a lot of ground clearance and distance visibility. Unfortunately, that can be a problem when you have little ones, because kids can have difficulty getting in and out of a tall vehicle without something like amp steps installed to provide them with a literal leg up.

The height of some trucks has gotten so extreme that it’s common for smaller adults to need a step too, which is why most truck owners wind up weighing the question of running boards vs side steps sooner or later. As you consider options, remember that not every nerf bar, step, or running board design is built with child-size passengers in mind. Some will be easier for small children to use than others.

Cargo Protection

Trucks tend to accumulate tools and supplies, even when they aren’t work trucks. If you have kids in and out of the vehicle, you need to be able to stow your go-to tool set and basic materials like epoxies without worrying about them getting into the wrong hands. That is where upgrading from a regular toolbox to a hidden toolbox for truck bed is a good choice. You can keep storing your tools in a convenient place, and smaller passengers will never even know they are there.

With your tools taken care of, the third essential upgrade you need is full bed protection. If your truck is going to be a grocery getter at least part of the time, you need a way to keep the rain and snow off your cargo. The same goes for Christmas and birthday gifts. With that in mind, there are a lot of choices for full bed cargo protection, from camper shells to various styles of tonneau cover, so you are sure to find one that fits.

Protect Your Interior From Spills and Messes

The last two key accessories for family trucks go hand in hand, and they are seat covers and floor mat upgrades. Going with a custom seat cover means being able to easily take it out for a wash if there is a spill. Similarly, an all-rubber floor mat with a rugged build can take a lot more boots, more road salt, and more dropped food.

Both of these key accessories are much more affordable than regular upholstery steam cleaning, and both also come with a wide range of choices that allow you to make your truck suit your style even as you upgrade it to go into parent mode.