5 important cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin

One of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies from 2018 has been Bitcoin. It has become more popular from the time of the surge in the price since early 2021. Everyone is ready to buy this cryptocurrency to avoid the fear of missing out.

These days many crypto users understand and also appreciate such differences; traders or investors may never notice these differences because every category of token trades in a similar way on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Below we will check out some of the other important cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin and how to determine a realistic timeframe for crypto trading .


  • It is a technology that makes use of blockchain development for replacing online third parties which store financial records and data.
  • Every type of data password, personal information, and financial data are stored in clouds and servers owned by significant providers such as Facebook and Google.
  • However, having personal information stored on other’s computers will make it highly vulnerable to hacking or other methods of interference.
  • It aims at using a blockchain for replacing online third parties storing data along with financial records.
  • Its market cap is nearly less than Bitcoin’s half as it is trading at almost $4000 each Ethereum.


  • In 2011, this cryptocurrency was launched and was the first one that followed Bitcoin’s footsteps.
  • It is based on one open-source worldwide network of payment.
  • It is never controlled by a central authority.
  • Litecoin makes use of Scrypt in the form of a PoW that can be decoded using central processing units of consumer-grade.
  • In various ways, it is similar to Bitcoin, but it comes with a quicker rate of block generation. Thus it offers a quicker time for confirmation of the transaction.
  • A lot of merchants accept Litecoin apart from developers.
  • As of November 2021, it has $14 billion market capitalization and around $200 each Litecoin’s token value.
  • It is the 17th largest crypto in the world.


  • It is a unique cryptocurrency that aims to deliver interoperability within other blockchains.
  • The protocol of Polkadot is designed in such a way that it connects permissionless and permissioned blockchains and oracles that let systems work together under a roof.
  • Its main component is the relay chain allowing varying networks’ interoperability.
  • Polkadot allows for parallel blockchains or parachains with their native tokens used for particular cases.
  • Developers will be able to make their blockchain while making use of the security that its chain is already having.
  • It has a market cap of nearly a value of $41 billion, and a Polkadot trades for $39.


  • This cryptocurrency has been developed from one scientific philosophy.
  • It is the only one that has been built and designed by a team of prominent engineers and academics from all over the world.
  • The creators have been attempting to combine all the best aspects of some cryptocurrencies.
  • With a team of academics and scientists, they work on such a process.
  • So Cardano is considered to be a highly sustainable crypto that every individual can use.
  • This cryptocurrency has shown an excellent performance in price over the last years, ahead of others such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • It is currently sitting at a $1.41 value, and because of its low price, Cardano can be the favorite of a speculator.

Bitcoin Cash

  • To accommodate a bigger block size in comparison to Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency was created.
  • It allows extra transactions into one single block.
  • In 2017, August, Bitcoin hard fork occurred. Bitcoin Cash is its result. When two miners get hold of a block at the same time, that makes one of them to be rejected as the invalid block, then it is known as a fork.
  • It can also take place if there occurs any disagreement to upgrade or change the protocol that is governing transactions on the networks.
  • Bitcoin Cash comes with a market cap of almost $10.5 billion and a $555 value per Bitcoin Cash.


With the latest innovations along with a combined market cap of almost $2 trillion, there has been an exponential growth in the size of cryptocurrency in the previous decade. The growth and phenomenon of cryptocurrency are expanding and can never be overlooked. Only time will be telling if cryptocurrency may become the future currency.