5 Incredible Family Road Trips in Australia

When it comes to planning a family trip, Australia is a great destination to choose. It’s the smallest continent in the world, but its nature is beautiful and unique. Tropical rainforests, mountain ranges, and hot deserts are waiting to be discovered! Rent a 7-passenger car from this website and explore the picturesque landscapes to make unforgettable memories. But what kind of places are the best to visit? In this article, you will find an answer!

Hike and camp on Fraser Island

It is known as the biggest sand island in the world. The territory is about 123 km long and 22 km wide. Fraser Island is a good place to take a lot of beautiful photos of sweeping vistas. It is rich in magnificent rainforests, dunes, and eucalyptus woodlands. The animal world is quite diverse and consists of many species, such as sea eagles, geckos, and of course dingoes! It is popular among tourists to hike, camp, or observe beautiful lakes that are spread all over the territory.

One of the best ways to travel there is to plan a minivan rental to take an overnight tour through the island. Or you can set up a camp right near the hiking paths. Remember not to go to the nearby sea waters, because there are lots of sharks!

Discover secrets of Uluru 

The name of the cliff means “the place where the shadow is”. The massif is 700 years old and well-known as a sacred place for aborigines. The area around the cliff (1300 km) is a popular destination for tourists. That is because of the local flora and fauna that attracts people, as well as the Uluru massif itself!

Depending on the time of the day or year it appears to change colors. Usually, it glows red, especially at dawn, but during humid periods changes to silver-gray. A special parking zone has been constructed near the area, so we suggest you book a cheap 7-seater car rental to make your trip experience convenient. Moreover, the best viewing spots are situated right near the parking lot, so you will be able to see the best sides of the cliff. 

Relax on Adelaide Beaches

For those who are interested in surfing, swimming, or having a rest near the sea coast, Adelaide Beaches are perfect! Adelaide is situated on the Adelaide Plains, on the coast of the Gulf of Saint Vincent. Take a car and move to the suburbs to find amazing places to relax. For example, Sellicks Beach is about 47 km away from the city center of Adelaide. There you can enjoy food from a delicatessen or take part in motorcycle racing! But remember that permission to drive motor vehicles onto the beach is not free for non-residents.

Also visit Aldinga Beach, which is a popular place for surfing and diving. There are petrol stations located in Aldinga, so If you rent a 7-seater in Adelaide, the beach will be open for you at any time! 

Observe the wildlife of Kakadu National Park

This park is situated in the northern territory of Australia, it covers an area of 19,804 km2. The variety of animal and plant species is breathtaking:

  • More than 280 types of birds live there, such as brolgas, white-bellied sea eagles, and even peaceful doves!
  • 117 species of reptiles. Frill-necked lizards can be seen, as well as snakes, goannas, and crocodiles. 
  • Over 10,000 insect species. A lot of butterflies, termites, mayflies, and even more!
  • About 60 mammal species. There are famous kangaroos, brown bandicoots, and black flying foxes. 
  • 50 freshwater species, one of them is barramundi.

The park can offer plenty of tours at different prices. One of the most interesting is the birding tour, where you can learn how to stalk and photograph birdlife. On the official website of Kakadu National Park, you can find more information about it. We also suggest you look for the info about accommodation locations and what to pack!

Enjoy the beauty of the Daintree Rainforest

It is the biggest rainforest in Australia and the oldest in the world! With a territory of 1,200 km2, the Daintree Rainforest is located on the northeast coast of Queensland. The region has not only tropical forests but also reefs just near the sandy beaches – such a rare combination! The list of plant species includes palms, trees, cycads, vines, and even more.

The Daintree National Parks provides different accommodation options for tourists. There are also a lot of walking tracks. You can simply hire a car and explore the main attractions of the rainforest because the destination between them is quite huge. Also, there are lots of tours that are often held there, such as tours from Cairns and Port Douglas. 

We hope that our article helped you choose the best places to go for a family trip. Enjoy a wonderful family trip to the best places in Australia!