Saturday, December 4, 2021

5 Interior Design Secrets Every Professional Decorator Must Know

Do you love to decorate spaces or do you decorate spaces with love? Well in any case, becoming an interior designing professional will be the best decision of your life. Having a natural eye to decorate spaces is a blessing itself. But people should never hold themselves back to learn something new about their craft. Here we can get spectacular ideas for your next future projects. Let’s check them out:

  1. Minimalism is the key: Decluttering spaces implies decluttering minds. This style of interior design brings out a neat, clean and monochromatic look within spaces. The accessories emphasize practicality and functionality to celebrate simplicity. It is a timeless way to decorate homes which is mostly liked by the people who embrace sustainability and peace. Pick natural colors and geometric patterns to enhance the beauty of homes or commercial premises even more.

  2. Go Green: Fabricating Green walls or placing plants at homes is a secret interior design idea that brings out the coherent and classy look of the interiors. Instead of placing fancy show – pieces or other décor items, plants are certainly a good idea. It allows us to be surrounded with nature. Plants are not just known for beautifying interiors but also for keeping a healthy environment. You can suggest clients to keep snake plants or money plants that help clean air. It’s really easy to buy flowers in today’s tech savvy environment. Online florists can offer flower deliveries to small cities of Maharashtra like Thane.  They try to send flowers to Thane as early as possible after receiving the order. 

  3. Display items that a person really loves: It is one of the amazing ideas to freshen up your room with your own things. You should guide your client to place photo frames on walls that remind them about the beautiful memories of life and give them an extension of their personality. They can also decorate paintings created by them or their kids. It doesn’t matter whether the paintings are perfect or not, but what matters is that they remain close to their hearts.  

  4. Keep things of similar designs: In order to keep the décor around us visually appealing and pleasing to the eyes, try to choose the things that showcase wide similarity among them. The objects don’t need to match properly entirely. For example – if you have chosen a dotted cushion cover for the living room, then make sure that the living room table cover should also be dotted. This ties up the entire space together.

  5. Small sized wall arts: A large sized painting or a picture can capture a wide space. It’s always better to opt for a collection of small sized wall arts which can be arranged in a synchronized manner. A cluster of smaller paintings look more attractive than a single piece. You can either hang them in the gallery area or above the sofa. This trick makes the house look sophisticated and polished.

All the points which we have discussed above pay attention to the subtle nuances of decoration. Try them out in your daily professional practice and bring out a remarkable difference in people’s lives.

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