5 proven Cyber security certifications that will skyrocket your salary

Do you want a job in cyber security? Here are five verified cyber security certifications that will increase your earnings. Demand has risen due to cybercrime, IoT, and worries about the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which went into force in 2018.

Cyber workers frequently seek industry-recognized credentials to demonstrate their expertise. Employers and clients consider them as proof of your expertise. Here are five cybersecurity qualifications that will make you a lot more money with that in mind.

Salary for a GIAC Certified Incident Handler GCIH – $88,500

The ability to detect, responds to, and resolves cyber-attacks with little harm. That includes Incident Handlers, system administrators, and security architects. Unlike the Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, the GCIH focuses on cybersecurity prevention and response. It focuses on offensive security, like hacking tools and methods.

The GCIH is a wonderful place to start for professionals looking to specialize. So, it makes an average of $88,500. Read more about GCIH certification 

Salary of an ISACA Certified Information Security Auditor CISA – $95,000

This prestigious credential validates an IT auditor’s risk assessment skills. This auditing certification yields $95,000. SC magazine rated ISACA CISA the best professional Certification Program in 2017.

The CISA requires five years of IT auditing, manipulation, or cybersecurity experience. They discover security weaknesses and inefficiencies in business information systems.

Salary for an EC-Council Certified Security Analyst ECSA $98,000 

The CEH certification improves hacking skills and offers a validated penetration testing method.

Professionals must pass a difficult hands-on penetration testing exam to get the ECSA. The ECSA (EC-Council Security Analyst) replaces the ethical hacker. In the EC-penetration Council’s testing course, the LPT master is the last level.

Getting a secured file’s hash or hacking computers are all urgent tasks. Certification requires a four-hour multiple-choice test (and passed). After completing the tests, experts must submit a report detailing the exploits and solutions.

Stage two of a three-tier track. Finally, a four-hour multiple-choice test is necessary (and passed). It’s a rewarding and in-demand job. For ECSA-licensed penetration testers, companies are willing to pay $98,000 per year. Check My Reference

Salary for (ISC)2 CISSP $102,000 

The CISSP is still the gold standard in security certification. These are managers and professionals who aspire to be Chief Information Security Officers.CISSPs handle a company’s security strategy. 

When things go wrong, they will be held more accountable for managing risk.

Exclusively for senior security specialists with at least five years of experience. The CISSP exam is challenging. Adding it to your CV might get you some of the best jobs and pay. CISSPs make around $102,000.

Salary of CISM – $116,000

The CISM is a popular certification for IT professionals who want to manage, construct, and monitor data security systems. CISM competencies are security risk management, software development and control, governance, and incident response.

That’s why it earns the highest, at $116,000 annually. The CISM is another well-known ISACA credential. They plan, control, and implement community and computer security ERA, laws, and policies. CISA validates an expert’s expertise in enterprise security management.

The best chance to show off your cyber skills

The need for cyber capabilities will not fade away soon, especially as new threats emerge. Attacks on the internet have put IT security on the C-to-do suite’s list.

The CompTIA SVP. “The IT security profession category increased rapidly in 2016.” “The need for IT security experts will grow.”