5 Qualities of a Great Senior Living Community

A major risk factor for poor health is a lack of social relationships.

As elderly adults continue to age, it becomes more difficult to meet friends of the same age. This is especially true if an elderly individual experiences frequent health concerns. 

Luckily, senior living facilities provide social support and medical supervision. It’s a great place for your loved ones to feel safe, supported, and joyful. 

But how do you select a senior living community? We’ll give you 5 qualities of a great community to look for in the guide below. 

1. Exceptional Benefits 

Moving into a senior facility and/or community can be nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing for individuals and their families. It’s a major lifestyle change. 

Calm any concerns by finding a community that offers exceptional benefits. The best senior living communities offer plenty of visiting hours, various forms of entertainment, outside areas, and delicious food.

2. Committed Staff

In an ideal world, every independent living facility employs committed, hardworking individuals. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. 

Find a senior living community that seeks to only hire trained and caring individuals. To ensure you’re selecting the right facility, schedule a tour to meet with the facility management and staff. 

Don’t be afraid to chat with staff members during your tour. Ask them why they love working within the community.

3. Engaging Activities 

Keep your loved one’s brain and body busy with engaging activities! 

An active senior living community with fun-packed schedules will improve the quality of life for your loved one. Activities are excellent ways to meet new friends, engage the mind and motor skills, and build independence.

Some communities even offer group outings to nearby attractions and stores.

4. Well-Maintained Facilities

On top of being able to meet the staff, another great reason to schedule a tour of a community is to check out the maintenance of the facilities. 

Are the facilities looking a bit rundown? Are there numerous health and safety hazards? Does it look comfortable? 

Avoid choosing any facility that appears to be neglected. Neglected facilities are often dangerous and lower the mental health of residents.

5. Happy Families 

Look for family testimonials when researching possible senior communities. Choose a community that other local families are able to trust. 

If the community you’re considering is close to your home, there’s a good chance you know friends with family members in the community. Ask for referrals at your workplace or church. 

There’s no harm in gathering as much information as you can!

A Better Quality of Life: Choosing a Senior Living Community

Make the transition into a senior living community easier by learning how to select the best one. Make note of the above-mentioned qualities when narrowing down your options. 

We know the transition is hard for you too, as a caretaker. Soothe your worries by voicing any questions and concerns during your community tours. 

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