5 Questions To Ask Your Gynaecologist On Your Next Visit

Most women find a trip to the gynaecologist a tad embarrassing. Firstly, the physical examination, tests and procedures are a lot uncomfortable. And then there are the conversations and questions that are of the most intimate nature.

As the best gynaecologists in Pune say, the discomfort that extremely personal questions cause could make women hesitant to ask any questions at all. Another reason could be that they simply don’t know what to ask!

We have compiled a list of the five important questions you should ask your gynaecologist at your next appointment.

1 – What’s The Best Method Of Birth Control I Should Use?

There are a lot of choices in birth control that are available today. However, choosing the best birth control options could be confusing, tense or even scary. 

Some birth control methods may be better suited to you than others. It depends on various reasons, such as the effectiveness, affordability, hormonal changes, etc. 

2 – Is A Bump In The Vaginal Area Normal?

Bumps in the area are very common, even if they are painful. All bumps do not necessarily have to be an STD. 

Many bumps and irregularities are caused by shaving. Folliculitis, a common skin condition, could also cause bumps to appear. 

It is a good question to ask your gynaecologist because in rare cases, a mysterious bump could be something slightly serious, like genital warts, herpes, or a cyst. 

3 – Should I Get Tested For STIs/STDs? And How Often?

If you have an active sex life, you should talk with your doctor about STIs and STDs. Such infections and diseases sometimes do not show physical symptoms early on. 

Are you worried about possible infection due to a recent sexual interaction? In that case, it is better to talk to your gynaecologist about getting tests done and their frequency.

4 – Why am I losing my hair?

Hair loss can happen for a variety of reasons throughout your life. Hair loss happens due to stress, hormonal changes and pregnancy, among other reasons. 

Hormonal shifts due to pregnancy can cause hair loss after childbirth.  Your gynaecologist could advise you on taking some vitamins from www.lovemajka.com that could help with your immune system.

5 – Should I Get A Mammogram?

 If you have a family history of breast cancer, you could discuss the possibility of developing the same. Your gynaecologist might suggest you start regular screenings, 

You could also ask the best way to conduct a breast self-examination if you do not know them already.

In closing, it is always good to ask as many questions regarding your health with your gynaecologist. You can book an appointment with some of the best gynaecologists in Pune by visiting Bajaj Finserv Health.