5 Reason you should install SSL on your website

Secure Socket Layer is full form of SSL. SSL is a protocol used for data encryption between visitor browser and server. SSL certificate creates asecure connection between web server and client. It gives trust to visitors that they can do business with you. After all, no site is too small to be hacked. Web security is playing important role in theInternet world. SSL is backbone of our secure internet

Why it is important?

The difference between Http and Https is just one letter, but this can make a huge impact on website performance and sales. SSL certificates mostly used to secure data transfer, login attempts,and credit card transactions.



If thewebsite is not using  SSL, it means website could be intercepted by someone who is not supposed to have it. SSL encrypts data so no can see what you have sent and what you receive except jumbled data.


Google has announced clearly it will take it as a ranking factor. Mostly search engine shows that websites on top list that are come thewith SSL certificate. To improve your ranking and visibility go to SSL and install it on web server. Most of the seo checker software gives this factor high weight in on-page seo.

Browser Label

Mostly Popular browser shows Secure and UnsecuredTag before website URLs. If a website has installed SSL Certificated, this website will be labeled as Secure by thebrowser. This is especially important for business websites and it becomes necessary for these websites.


If you sell products then yes it is necessary. It provides trust to buyers that their credit information is safely transferred to theserver. When people pay, they mostly look for green tab before URL that indicates website is safe and secure. They feel comfortable and confident while buying from thewebsite. A website that uses SSL certificate on their server properly, a small green lock appearin search bar before URL and https display green as well as. Stats show visitors stay more on websites that are using https.

Protection from Phishing

Mostly we see acouple of emails where ask us to go on a specific link, when goes there website ask for our login credential or shows duplicate landing page of any popular website. These pages designed to steal your information that is called phishing attack. Through this method, hackers collect informative data from you. But now it is hard to do with SSL securewebsites because man-in-the-middle saves you from this false site.

Keep in mind Https does not show a data on a website is secure. It just transfers data between visitor’s end and server safely.