5 Signs You Are Being Visited by a Guardian Angel

Sometimes you experience something strange that rational explanations can’t quite justify. Other times you get a special feeling, like someone or something has your back.

Your guardian angel is always watching over you unbeknownst to you. But on certain occasions, it manifests itself through signs.

In this article, we’ll review five signs that your guardian angel is visiting you. Read on!

1. Flashes

One of the signs that your guardian angel is visiting you is unusual occurrences with lights. It can manifest as flashes or flickering lights. These flashes may even appear without any source.

It may also take the form of sparkles of light that you catch out of the corner of your eye, or of beautiful glimmers in the sunlight coming in through a window.

In light of the guardian angel’s presence, lights will do inexplicable things!

2. Signs and Synchronicities

Sometimes, it may seem as if a billboard sign or something that is said on the TV speaks directly to you.

You may be wondering about something when all of a sudden a sentence catches your attention as if you were getting a reply.

The guardian angel may communicate through subtle signs and symbols in your reality. They will give you gentle guidance on the issues you’re trying to solve.

3. Thoughts

In addition to synchronicities, a guardian angel prayer may be answered with thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere.

To receive these thoughts, it’s important to clear your head. Otherwise, you’ll be wondering: “Is it my guardian angel speaking to me or am I just imagining things?”

When the background noise in our heads becomes quieter, we clear the channel to receive the messages of our guardian angels more clearly.

4. Feelings of Urgency

In extreme situations, it’s possible for the guardian angel to communicate to us through a sudden feeling of urgency.

For instance, you may be driving when you get the irresistible urge to pull over. You find out later that there was a huge accident just a little further down the road.

Or something mysteriously stops you from crossing the road just for a car to come from nowhere. Your guardian angel just saved your life.

These divine interventions are not common but they can prevent us from walking into a fatal event.

5. Breeze or Tingling Sensations

Another way that the guardian angel can make itself known to you is through tingling sensations. These sensations are different than regular shivers. These tingles may be warm or cool, gentle, or a bit stronger.

Alternatively, you may feel a gentle, caring breeze above your head.

Be Open to Your Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel may be visiting you, but if you’re not open to it, you might miss the signs. By opening your mind and setting an intention to communicate with it, you will spot them a lot more easily.

These signs may appear as various thoughts and feelings that are out of the ordinary. They may communicate messages to you to help you solve your problems. Your guardian angel can even intervene if your life is at stake.

If you notice strange light activity such as flashes or sparkles of light, pay attention as it could be a manifestation of your guardian angel.

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