5 Signs You Should Change Your SEO Company

It’s no secret that SEO is a fundamental aspect of any business nowadays. Over the recent years, it has boomed dramatically, and business owners are now rightfully relying on their SEO agencies. But if your SEO company slacks off, your business is in trouble.

If your SEO agency is not delivering the results as they should, it’s time to get real. But we understand it may be difficult for you to ask those hard-hitting questions. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Here are five signs you should change your SEO company.

The Importance of SEO in Business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO simply improves your visibility, meaning it rates your business website higher on search engines which can boost online traffic. If online traffic increases, the chances of your service or product reaching the masses also increases.

When searching for something on Google, you expect your search terms to come up on the first page within the first 5-10 results. How often do we go on the 5th or 6th page, let alone the 10th or 11th page? That’s what we want to happen for our businesses.

Let’s say your business offers organic snacks, and a potential customer types in “best organic snacks” on Google. How cool would it be if your website came up first, or at least on the first few links? With a good company backing your business, you could get the guaranteed SEO results you hoped for!

Benefits of SEO

We’ve proven how SEO is beneficial for your business. It has several key benefits for businesses. From boosting your credibility in the market to helping you get more traffic, check out these five amazing benefits of SEO in businesses,

  1. Boosts Your Integrity: As mentioned, SEO helps rank your results higher on a search engine. The higher your website appears, the more trustworthy it appears to those searching, increasing the possibility of more online traffic and potential sales.

  2. Helps Understand Consumer Intent: SEO helps business owners understand what customers want and need. This is achieved by SERP (Search Engine Results Page), search query data, and AI insights.

  3. Improves User Experience: SEO allows you to understand how users interact with your website and will drive you to adopt more user-friendly tactics.

  4. Quantifiability: SEO helps you quantify or measure anything with adequate tracking and analysis.

  5. Makes You An Expert About The Internet: When you can grasp the importance of SEO, you’re up to date with the ever-changing environment of the world wide web.

What SEO Process Looks Like

To know what you should be expecting from your SEO company, here’s an overview of what a proper SEO process should look like,

  • Reporting
  • Link-Building
  • Website Optimization
  • Website Analysis
  • Content Writing
  • SEO Submission
  • Keyword Research
  • Following Client Requirements

5 Signs You Should Change Your SEO Company

Here are five signs you need to change your SEO company below,

  1. No Regular Updates: If your SEO company is not giving you regular updates and not reporting regularly, it’s time to reevaluate your SEO hiring strategy.

  2. Limited Results: While SEO is not fast work, your SEO company should update you on some developments. Take a look at some categories your agency should be filling you in about,
  3. Articles with backlinks
  4. Your website’s audit results
  5. Analysis report of relevant link profiles
  6. Progress of the content on the site
  7. Update on traffic or visitors
  1. They’re Secretive About Their Strategy: Lack of communication is already a red flag. But if they’re tight-lipped about their strategies or techniques, which you’re entitled to know about, it’s a pretty good sign to change your company.

  2. Penalties or Traffic Drop: These should not be an isolated sign but one combined with all or some of the above. If your website suffers a manual Google penalty when a reviewer docks a page down due to a lack of compliance with Google’s quality guidelines, it’s a problem. So if your site gets striked despite having an SEO agency, you might as well have never hired one at all.

  3. Website Problems: If you discover significant website display and functionality issues, it indicates that your SEO company is not doing its job properly. So consider switching.


SEO is critical for any business these days, and if you’re not using new and inventive strategies, you might as well close up shop. Your business needs an agency to help your website with ranking, link building, and conversion techniques while communicating their plans and tactics to you. We hope you pick up a few ideas from this article and find your perfect SEO match.


1.  How Do I Know If My SEO Company is Good?

Ans: We know the struggle. Finding a trustworthy, reputable company can feel like a never-ending battle. But we have for you some tips that can help you choose the right SEO company,

  • They truly want to get to know you and your business.
  • They use cutting-edge software to research your competitors.
  • They’ll suggest and recommend marketing strategies and campaigns that work.
  • They’ll examine your niche, the industry, terminologies, content type, and keywords.
  • They provide reports and updates on your website.
  • They’re well-known and well-reviewed.
  • They’re too confident about what they’ll deliver and over-promise.

2.  What Are Some Beginner-Friendly Ways to Master SEO?

Ans: By now, we know how important SEO is for any business. While hiring professionals is always a good idea, here are some ways you can almost master the art of SEO on your own!

  • First, you must acknowledge the importance of SEO, which we believe you already know.
  • Get the hang of keyword research.
  • Learn the different kinds of SEO, white-hat SEO, black-hat SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and more!
  • Identify the signs of user experience like organic click-through rate (OTR), dwell-time, and bounce rates.
  • Adopt SEO-friendly content on your website.
  • Start link-building; internal linking, external linking, and backlinking.