5 Strategies to Improve Work Motivation

Employee retention is at an all-time low, with 3% of all employees quitting their jobs during any given month. It’s easy to see why: with a global pandemic still ongoing, new remote work protocols, wage stagnation, and a host of other issues plaguing them, it’s hard to stay motivated.

Our guide will show you how you can improve work motivation for your employees with 5 key strategies you can use. Read on to learn more about how to motivate employees in the modern era!

1. Give Your Employees Flexible Scheduling

If there’s one thing the pandemic made clear, it’s the need for flexibility in the ways and times people work. If you give your employees some flexibility and adjustment in their schedules, it can help improve motivation in the workplace.

2. Make Them Feel Rewarded for Their Service

One reason that many businesses end up tanking employee motivation is that they don’t take the time to make them feel rewarded for what they do. They heighten expectations without offering rewards or even acknowledgment in return.

Don’t rely on pizza parties. Actively acknowledge and shout out the good work that your employees do.

3. Encourage Employees to Speak Up and Give Their Input

Another common reason that workplace motivation declines is that employees feel stifled. They’re unable to give creative or structural input or feel like their voices don’t matter at all. Giving your people the chance to speak up and speak out can improve work productivity and strengthen the bonds with your staff.

4. Opportunities for Advancement Improve Employee Motivation

Another way you can improve work motivation is to offer (and honor) opportunities for advancement. Nothing kills an employee’s willingness to go above and beyond like the feeling that they’re going nowhere in their career. Or the realization that all management positions will go to fresh-faced graduates with Business degrees over the people who have been there for years.

So, make sure you’re giving your people the chances they need to succeed and grow.

5. Bring Success Stories into the Workplace

Lastly, if you’ve tried boosting the employees’ practical needs and they still seem unmotivated, it’s time to bring in someone else to help you boost morale. You can search online for companies to help you find the best business speakers.

However, the best way you can incorporate success stories is to have your own employees give them. Have your own people show how the right mindset can make a direct difference in the work they produce.

Looking for More Ways to Improve Work Motivation?

If you want to improve work motivation, rewarding your people appropriately and making them feel valued are the first steps you can take. However, they’re not the only ways you can boost motivation in the workplace.

If you’d like more ideas for ways you can improve team cohesion and motivation, then check out the Business section of our blog! We update each day with more handy guides like this one that will help you bring the best possible performance out of your team.