5 Trending Cake Designs That You Need To Know About In 2021

Meta Description: Cake designs come and go, but these five trending cake designs are here to stay for the next decade. Read the full article to know more about these top 5 trending cake designs in 2021.


2020 has been one of the most disastrous years to date. Firstly because of the covid-19 pandemic, tens of thousands of people have lost their lives, and secondly, the Government imposed a nationwide lockdown that made us restricted to our homes.

Cake lovers were not able to enjoy their favorite cakes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Do you know there are five trending cake designs that you definitely need to try out in 2021? Some of these cake designs have actually been here since time immemorial; it’s just that these cake designs are staying here forever.

I am an online cake shop owner myself, and I have been in this business since the end of 2017. As a professional, I am going to tell you 5 Trending Cake Designs That You Need To Know About In 2021, and the best part about it is you can find them online and order cake online.

Why Is The Designer Cake Industry booming in 2021?

Cakes are widely used during celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries. But designer cakes are mostly used during weddings. The trend of using designer cakes has never been more alive. 2021 is a very lucrative year for the designer cake industry.

People had to postpone their weddings due to the coronavirus pandemic, and since the Government has started to roll out the vaccines for COVID-19, couples are planning to get married. This is the main reason why designer cakes are so much in demand in 2021. Apart from that cake lovers would find any excuse to eat a cake, be it a normal cake or a designer cake.     

5 Trending Cake Designs That You Need To Know About In 2021

As a cake lover, these are the five cake designs that you need to know about in 2021.

1.    Pearl Design

Do I need to say any further? This cake design is one of the most trending cake designs in 2021. The Pearl Design cakes are mostly used during weddings and wedding anniversaries. This design will make you feel like you are in fairytale land.

If you are a girl, eating this cake will make you feel like a princess. These cakes are mostly vanilla-flavored since about 90% of this cake is white in color. The pearls on the cake are made out of sugar; if you want a more elegant look to opt for golden pearls.

2.    Pressed Flower Design

This cake design is no short of a miracle- seeing this cake will definitely blow your mind. According to a report, pressed flower design cakes are a customer’s preference when there is a wedding.

Do not worry, as these flowers are edible. It is a very trending cake design for weddings in 2021. Do not for once think that these flowers are made out of chocolate or vanilla. These are real edible flowers.

3.    Hot Textured Buttercream design

This design is probably the least conventional design. This design cake is mainly ordered by couples who are into listening to punk music. This design is not a traditional design, but the smooth buttercream finish on this cake attracts a lot of attention.

4.    Square Tier Design

Tier design cakes have been gaining popularity for quite some years now. These designer cakes are mainly ordered at small weddings and micro weddings. This cake is one of the best in the market, and it is a design you should definitely try in 2021 if you are about to get married.

5.    Red Velvet Design Cake

As the name suggests, Red symbolizes passion and love. This cake design is the most used cake designer. It is trending now and will keep trending for the foreseeable future.

Final Thoughts

There you go, those were the top trending cake designs in 2021. It is a new year, and it is a chance to start afresh. The Government has started rolling out the vaccines, so there is nothing stopping cake lovers from heading out and enjoying their favorite cakes with their loved ones.