No one wants to show people a displeasing yellow smile, or see that in the mirror every day. Maintaining white teeth can considerably boost your self-confidence and have a noticeable impact on your life. Taking care of white teeth with growing age can get complicated because of the plaque that builds up over time, and you end up with a dull smile.

The gradual yellowing of teeth becomes complacent easily. Fortunately, it does not indicate any major health concerns. This does not mean that it doesn’t dishearten you. There can be many reasons for the yellowing of teeth, some of which are listed below. If this sounds like you, fret not because you can get beautiful smiles with the dentist in rockefeller center.



The enamel layer of the teeth starts thinning because of chewing, exposing the yellow dentin – a tinged material present under the enamel, which makes the teeth look yellower.


Bruxism or the habit of grinding teeth damages the tooth enamel leading to yellow and brittle teeth. Many people develop this habit as a mode to release stress, whereas some do it unconsciously while sleeping.


The tar released due to smoking damages oral health, sometimes leading to cancer and gum diseases too. Chain smokers always end up complaining of yellowish teeth and bad odor.


Fizzy drinks and soda stain the teeth surface, leading to its discoloration over some time. Dark curries, black coffee, and sauces contain chemicals called tannins. If used inordinately and regularly, they stick to the surface of the teeth and tarnish the enamel.


Increasing age can lead to discoloration of the teeth. Sometimes, family history and genetic factors also impart this condition.



Everyone should follow a routine of flossing and brushing as it can reduce the problem of yellowing teeth. The tartar and plaque deposits on teeth appear to become yellow over time and give an unappealing look due to irregular dental care habits.

Therefore, regular brushing and flossing acts as the best medicine for this issue and reduces its chances of increasing and causing further damage.


A regular dental check-up is important because it helps to keep the gums and teeth healthy. Visit a dentist every six months or as prescribed by them. If you are afraid to visit a dentist, you can opt for no fear dentistry, as they have trained, unbiased professionals, who look after your needs to the fullest and can make you customization of treatment done excellently with the collaboration of laboratory who complete the customization of restoration via high quality of dental lab supply.

A visit to the dentist involves two parts – a regular check-up and cleaning process. The examination process involves inspection of teeth for any cavities, tartar or gum diseases. The cleaning process removes tartar using a special tool, as normal brushing and flossing cannot remove it and is also known as scaling. After this, the process of polishing and flossing follows. Moderation and variety are critical, be it food, be it brushing. Otherwise, you can end up with bad teeth that can lead to several oral hygiene issues.

This leads to the complete clean-up of your teeth. You need to take thorough care of your teeth after this as the tartar and plaque might return.


Whitening toothpaste with bleaching agents is the new go-to product these days. This product has stronger ingredients than regular toothpaste and helps to remove persistent stains to some extent. Chemicals like hydrogen peroxide present in these products help in lightening the color of the teeth.


  • Baking soda

This is a common popular ingredient in toothpaste due to its whitening properties. It is mildly corrosive and prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth by inducing alkalinity. Over time its usage shows its effects and does not show any result overnight.

You can mix two teaspoons of water with a teaspoon of baking soda and mix it to form a paste that you can use to brush a few times a week.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

It is a natural bleaching agent that kills the bacteria present in your mouth and is used to disinfect wounds due to this ability. Be careful while using this as overuse can cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. You can also dilute the hydrogen peroxide to 1.5% by mixing it with equal amounts of water and use it.

Combine a teaspoon of baking soda with two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and use it to brush.

  • Apple cider vinegar

It acted as a disinfectant and a natural cleaning agent for ages. The main ingredient which kills bacteria is acetic acid. It is antibacterial and helps to clean the mouth and whiten teeth.

Dilute it in water to use it as a mouthwash, as apple cider vinegar is really strong and can erode the enamel if used just like that. Do not let it be in contact with your teeth for a long time. Use normal water to rinse your mouth after every use.

That said, if you check out this dentist in Ballantyne, they will advise you to visit a dental expert instead of using home remedies. This is because if not used properly, home remedies can damage your teeth.

  • Cauliflower and broccoli

These vegetables are coarse and have high amounts of fiber, which act as an abrasive to keep teeth clean. The production of saliva increases when you chew these raw vegetables, and it helps to wash away bacteria and food particles, also reducing the yellowing of teeth.

  • Strawberries

These sweet fruits carry an enzyme called malic acid, which acts as an astringent that helps to keep your teeth white by reducing discoloration.

  • Pineapples

Bromelain present in pineapples is a protein that is used in toothpaste to remove plaque and reduce discoloration. Even if you have just one piece of pineapple after your meal, it delivers this ingredient directly to your teeth.

  • Celery, apples, and carrots

These crunchy fruits and vegetables can increase saliva production and will help minimize the discoloration of teeth by washing away food particles and bacteria.

  • Milk, yogurt, and cheese

The lactic acid present in dairy products can reduce enamel erosion, whiten teeth, and prevent tooth decay. Hard cheese exfoliates the teeth and helps to remove bacteria and plaque.


There are various methods to whiten your teeth, some natural and some chemical. However, if you have severe discoloration of teeth, visit your dentist as they have various of profession of dental supplies for dentistry treatments that are stronger than natural remedies. Also, don’t overuse whitening products as it can affect your enamel, making your teeth sensitive.

Always consult your dentist before trying any new product for your teeth.

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