5 Ways Social Media Helps Hotels Increase in Popularity


Many hotel managers and media marketing experts underestimate the power that social media can have in helping you make your hotel even more popular.

Sometimes, people struggle to see how social media could directly be used to help increase the popularity of a business like a hotel.

For good reason, people often think of organic search first as being the most helpful investment for renting out rooms and earning income on a hotel business model.

With that being said, social media can definitely be useful—and even beyond that, it can be leveraged powerfully to help you make your hotel business even more popular and well-known than it is today.

In this blog post, you’re going to learn 5 ways that social media helps hotels increase their popularity.

Let’s dive into it.

1. It Helps To Create A Buzz

When you think of hotels from the perspective of the traveler and consumer, you often think about Googling locations, looking at pictures, browsing prices, and just trying to pick the best-looking option with a vacancy at the proper price that’ll fit with the needs for your trip.

And granted, location, timing, and price are some of the most important factors that consumers look for when booking hotels.

However, social media can actually be used to help create more buzz and excitement around a particular hotel location.

For example, if your hotel sits right along the beach, you could publish regular pictures and videos of beautiful beach scenery, and tag your hotel in it—thus showing travelers a deeper insight into what they could experience when booking.

You can also highlight events and other special occasions.

2. It Can Help You To Connect With Customers

Connecting with your customers is crucial to getting more bookings and expanding your success.

And hotels can sometimes do this in very ingenious ways.

For example, if your hotel has a special offering that other hotels don’t, you can broadcast this on your social media platforms and make it entertaining.

Haunted hotels can publish ghost stories—or hotels located in tiny little towns can share some interesting ideas about why people should consider stopping in that particular little town on their way through the state as they travel.

These types of social media stories and postings can really help you to connect better with your customers.

3. Broadcast Special Deals

Sometimes, hotels offer discounts and special deals during certain times of the year, or as promotional campaigns—and your hotel can maximize this by boosting the message with your social media platforms to crank up the excitement level.

You could even consider ditching the normal ‘boring corporate talk’ to try to be more personable and relatable.

This can make your hotel seem a lot more exciting than the other options.

Plus, it can make people aware of your special offer or discount.

4. You Can Attach A Personality To The Business

Attaching a personality to your business is one of the best ways to make your hotel stand out from others.

If people are looking for a hotel in your local area, and they happen to find your social media and get excited about it, guess what?

That gives you a huge edge in potentially getting a booking.

One of the worst things you can do as a hotelier is to keep your social media boring.

This will relegate all of your success to vacancies, location, and price.

But it’s crucial to help your hotel stand out even better than that.

And attaching a personality to your hotel, and broadcasting that personality through social media channels, is a fantastic way to boost business.

5. Share What Makes Your Hotel Different

What makes your hotel stand out from others in your industry?

What makes your hotel a better option than other hotels in the area?

Maybe your hotel offers some amenities that other hotels aren’t regularly offering.

Or maybe you’re set up in a location that’s beautiful and provides better scenery than the competition.

Or maybe your hotel has a built-in restaurant that really crushes it with a great T-bone steak and brilliant homemade mashed potatoes.

Whatever it is that makes your hotel stand out, it’s important to play to this advantage and to make sure that you broadcast these things via your social media channels.

All of these things, if done properly, will help you to boost the signal and get your hotel rented out at a higher rate for better prices.


Now you know exactly how social media can be used to boost the popularity of your hotel.

Equipped with this information, you can now get out there and do exactly that.

Start getting those awesome bookings and filling up your hotel on a nightly basis.

You can do it!

Now, get out there and start hitting that social media game as hard as you can.