5 Ways To Assess Technical Proficiency When Hiring Javascript Developers

Assessing technical proficiency is turning into the most important and complicated step in the recruitment process of hiring Javascript developers.

According to a survey by Coding Pad on technical hiring, finding suitably qualified candidates for the job was identified as a striking challenge.

That’s why a considerable number of mismatches in technical hiring can be traced back to inadequate technical competencies.

Simply relying on a candidate’s resume is just not enough anymore.

Firstly, some developers may not have strong self-promotion skills. This can lead to you missing out on outstanding candidates who fail to present themselves effectively in words.

Secondly, the skills on the resume are self-reported, which means they are unreliable. Banking on a remarkable resume might lead to dissatisfaction when the real performance fails to meet the anticipated standards.

If you are seeking to hire a Javascript developer, keep in mind that even though a lot of soft skills have a hand in making a skilled developer, technical proficiency stands out as the facet that needs to be most accurately assessed.

Here are five ways you can assess technical proficiency when hiring Javascript developers:

Check out Their GitHub Account

Analyzing the GitHub accounts of Javascript developers is one of the ways you can assess their technical skills even before having direct contact with them.

GitHub is a mother lode of code stock and open-source contributions.


When evaluating a candidate’s GitHub account, focus on the following 3Cs:

  1. Code excellence: Recruiters can use GitHub to check the candidate’s code as developers tend to share their work there. Well-structured code can signify a developer’s commitment and respect towards their job.
  2. Collaborative exchange: Many developers contribute to open-source projects on the platform. This reflects on their capabilities to work in teams. A proactive developer would also engage in discussions on the platform, indicating good collaborative skills.
  3. Consistency: Checking how active the account is can show the developer’s commitment to coding and learning.

In-Person Coding Assessments

Not so popular among developers, but in-person coding tests can be a powerful instrument in finding the right programmer for you.

In a live coding interview, a candidate’s coding skills are evaluated in real-time. This approach allows you to witness the coder’s problem-solving skills as they solve a coding task on a shared platform in a set amount of time.

You can observe their coding techniques and debugging skills firsthand, which allows you to have an insight into their ability to perform under pressure.

You will not only get to evaluate the result but also get a feel for how they work.

But you have to ensure that the test is representative of the actual work the candidate would perform as part of their job. This allows the applicant to understand the nature of the job as well and express interest or concerns accordingly.

Review Their Programming Work Samples

A portfolio is a gateway to the developer’s coding journey. It is bound to provide you with insights into their coding style and working experience.

Here are some things to assess in a developer’s portfolio:

Design and Aesthetics

First and foremost, assess the visual appeal of their work samples. A well-designed project would be visually appealing, which will, in turn, have a significant influence on user experience and overall success.

Javascript Skills

When you are looking to hire a web developer from India, it is crucial to assess a candidate’s proficiency in Javascript and related technologies. Additionally, look for developers’ knowledge and utilization of frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, or Django.

Relevant Experience and Specializations

It is necessary to have a look at a coder’s experience for them to quickly grasp your project’s specific requirements. A developer who has relevant experience and specialization can offer industry-specific skills and valuable insights.

Organize Hackathons

Hackathons are usually not organized to lure the perfect candidate for your company. They are specifically designed to help developers network, think out of the box, and solve problems in teams.

Hackathons can be online, offline, or hybrid. Online hackathons can help you host a huge number of people without too much hassle. Offline is ideal when you aim to invite a specific set of people. Hybrid is an interesting choice as you can first pick out the best of the lot from online rounds and invite them to your offices or a physical location for further processes.


Recruiters and hiring managers consider hiring through hackathons due to the following benefits:

  • It is a good bargain to access a large pool of talent.
  • One can invite a skill-centric audience.
  • Serves as a perfect way of testing coding skills.
  • Provides a platform to birth new and innovative ideas.

Nonetheless, there’s no stopping you from making a note of exceptional developers. You can reach out to them after the event.

Programming Evaluation

This is the most used and efficient way of screening coders before hiring. Programming tests are widely used for analyzing Javascript skills. These tests need to be well-structured to be able to guide the recruiter to pick the right candidate with a solid understanding of JavaScript principles.

Here are some tips to remember when you can assess Javascript developer skills using a programming test:

  1. Design the right Javascript test: Choose the level of difficulty, aspects of Javascript you’ll like to test, etc.
  2. Selecting a platform: Find a platform where you can conduct this test remotely.
  3. Craft relevant questions: Make sure the test represents the actual work a candidate would do for you on the job. You can add multiple-choice questions and hands-on coding problems.
  4. Set clear instructions: You should state the expected output clearly alongside any other guidelines or constraints.

Wrapping Up

Finding a Javascript developer is harder than most people think. This is because what is on paper rarely matches up with the actual performance of the developer.

Hence, going beyond one’s resume and assessing their technical proficiency now plays a critical role in the recruitment process.

Do your research about the applicant and assess their technical skills before you proceed with bringing them on board.