5 Ways to Use AV Equipment in Your Exhibition Stand

As the exhibition industry is growing rapidly, therefore, you have to think of creative ideas to make your exhibition stand attractive. Wise implementation of audio visual Services in your exhibition stand will help you to be successful.

The right use of AV equipment in your exhibition stand will help you to uplift your brand image. The exhibition stands without AV equipment will look old fashioned and disappoint your customers. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a large digital display screen to make your exhibition stand interesting for your potential customers.

Whether you are going to display one large screen or various small display screens in your exhibition stand, it is important to do proper planning in advance. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks that will help you to achieve your objectives.

Ensure this isn’t the case by reading our 5 best ways to utilize the AV on your exhibition stand below:

1. Display Your Products
The e-commerce companies deal with various types of products and it is very difficult for them to bring all their products in the trade show. Therefore, they only bring some top-class products on their list to leave a good impression on potential customers. But, it is also important to showcase one sample of all your products so that your prospects get to know what you are selling.

It is possible to display your all products with a large digital display screen in your exhibition stand. You can elevate the presentation of the products of your different products on the display screen by investing in a Multi-Touch Monitor.

The touch-sensitive display screen will allow your booth visitors to visit your websites and know more about your brand and products. You can also take suggestions from professionals who provide audio visual services for exhibitions.

2. Display Dynamic Images
Mostly, it is difficult for all exhibitors to demonstrate their products in limited booth space. You should invest your time to prepare interesting videos of your products in action. You should do it before the trade show so that you can display it on your large screens. It is also a smart trick to prevent any errors on the final day.

You can also hire a professional videographer who can prepare a perfect video of your product demonstration. The professional videos can leave a good impression on your potential customers and also help in increasing the conversion rate.

3. Prepare Unique Display Videos
Gone are the days when static images can help you to attract trade show attendees. Now, static display images are not capable of catching anyone’s eye. You should use dynamic videos along with static images to stand out during the exhibition. But, you should wisely prepare the video content of your products.

The dynamic images are more capable to grab the attention of people, therefore, the dynamic content can increase footfall in your booth. Always keep in mind that your all video files should loop seamlessly and you do not need to press the play button again.

You should take the help of professionals who will help in installation of audio visual system and creation of optimum content. Also, they will help you in maintaining optimum display.

4. Consider Your Main Objective
The different size of display screens serves different purposes. The small size screens are helpful in case of one to one interaction between the staff members and the trade booth visitors. On the other hand, the large size display screens can help in grabbing the attention of trade show visitors.

Moreover, the large size display screens can help you in adding a modern feel in your exhibition stand. If you want your display screen to be visible over the head of the booth visitors, then it is recommended to design & construct taller exhibition stands.

5. Different Video on Different Screen
If you want to display various display screens in your exhibition stand, then it is recommended to choose a small size display screen. In addition to this, you should also prepare different content to display on different screens. Sometimes, exhibitors want to display similar content on all the display screens to create a unique visual appeal.

If you do not have much time to create separate visual content for different screens, then you can go for displaying the same content on all screens. You should wisely install the display screens in your exhibition stand because the overall look of your booth will help you to gain success.

Make sure that your booth looks attractive and memorable. The audio visual exhibition service providers can help in optimum installation of display screens and they will help in deciding right display content for display screens. So, it is a good idea to hire these professionals.