6 Benefits of Using Quartz in Your Bathroom

Quartz is a strong, naturally occurring mineral that often gets used in the home. That makes sense when you consider that the word “quartz” literally means “hard,” which provides a sturdy surface no matter where it’s used! In addition, while the natural color of quartz is transparent, it’s common to find quartz in other colors, such as pale pink and purple, which can be beneficial for those wanting to spruce up their home with a splash of color.

One of the best places to use quartz is the bathroom, and there are several reasons for that – read on to learn six of them.

1: Quartz Looks Great

Firstly, quartz looks luxurious and beautiful in a bathroom. Its versatility is particularly great for improving the look of your bathroom countertops. For example, you could choose a classic white quartz countertop for a sophisticated look. Or, you might prefer brown to match the surrounding décor. Legacy Countertops has a range of quartz materials for your bathroom’s countertops, so check out their options if you want gorgeous bathroom surfaces that last.

2: It is Stain Resistant

Spills happen all the time, especially in bathrooms where you likely have lots of products around. Due to this, bathrooms require stain-resistant materials. Otherwise, the surfaces will end up looking terrible! That’s what makes quartz so ideal. While it isn’t wholly stain-proof, it is stain-resistant, meaning it’s extremely easy to wipe off most liquids without worrying about anything getting left behind.   

3: Quartz is Non-porous

Another significant benefit of using quartz in bathrooms is that the mineral is non-porous. Water and other liquids won’t seep into quartz, meaning you reduce the risk of bacteria growth in your bathroom. It creates a more hygienic bathroom.

4: It Lasts a Long Time

Quartz is a highly durable mineral that doesn’t get scratched or chipped easily, making it the perfect investment for those wanting a bathroom that lasts a long time! Once installed, you don’t have to worry about remodeling your bathroom for several years. In fact, with proper care, quartz can last a lifetime.

5: Quartz is Easy to Clean

Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom. So, if you have an opportunity to make the process easier, why wouldn’t you take it? Quartz is ideal for bathroom cleaning, as it provides a smooth, strong surface that is easy to wipe. You’ll rarely be scrubbing when you have this mineral in your bathroom, and who doesn’t want that! 

6: The Cost is Reasonable

Bathroom renovations cost a lot of money; there is no denying that. While a quartz countertop will undoubtedly set you back a bit of cash, you can’t deny how reasonable the cost is when considering the stone’s longevity, beauty, and quality. You can get quartz within most budgets, providing a beautiful bathroom renovation that anyone can be proud of.

As demonstrated, quartz works well in bathrooms. Its high-value nature, beautiful appearance, and durability make it the perfect addition without costing you too much money.

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