6 Home Renovation Mistakes That Too Many People Make

You know it’s time to spice up your home. Are the tiles looking a little dated? Have you always wanted to build a porch, or knock down that unnecessary wall to create more open space? You’re not alone-home renovation can significantly improve our quality of life and enjoyment of our homes. However, if this is your first time renovating, take a minute to read about all the mistakes you’re likely to make! From not hiring a custom carpenter to skimping on costs, today we break down the 6 home renovation mistakes that too many people make. They end up incurring cost in the long term or leave you with a shoddy job done, and the house in a worse state than before. We help you skip the bumbling for that professional finish!

Everybody Makes Mistakes

Number 1: D.I.Y. Carpentry

Let’s face it-not all of us are natural carpenters. If the most carpentry you’ve done is hammer a nail into a plank at school (as with all of us!) it’s a good idea to get a professional’s help. Trying to be your own carpenter can be dangerous if you’re not well-versed with heavy and sharp tools. Contact a professional carpenter, bonus points if they’re used to custom work.

Number 2: Underbudgeting

There’s a time and place to save money. Trust us, it’s usually not cheap to renovate your home! It’s better to allocate a larger budget than you’ll realistically need for your renovation, to eliminate any nasty surprises. Imagine having to live in a half-renovated house because you’ve run out of funds! Aside from hiring professionals, buying materials, furniture and decorations will take a toll on your wallet. Be prepared. 

Number 3: Inaccurate Measurements

Classic mistake: not using a measuring tape or taking repeated measurements. We know, you’d much rather rely on estimates to save time, but inaccurate measurements can make or break your project. It’s also important to ensure that the furniture you’ve bought will fit nicely into the space you have for it. There’s nothing more frustrating than a drawer you can’t open because it’s blocked by a pillar. Utilize space effectively-measure well.

Number 4: Sacrificing Function for Form

Technically, you could sacrifice a lot for the aesthetics. In the long run, however, using that sink as storage space isn’t conducive to everyday living. Remember that your long-term enjoyment of your home is also reliant on how well it works as a living space for your everyday needs. Not everything can be about appearances, unfortunately.

Number 5: Cheap Materials

Repeat after us: do not skimp on the quality of your building materials. Materials can make lasting impressions, and you don’t want guests to be thinking how plastic-like the countertop feels, or how the wooden floor creaks a little too much for comfort. Invest in your materials-it’ll be worth the finish.

Number 6: Attention to Detail

Speaking of details! Our final common mistake is skimming over the small things. Think electrical socket placement, under-carpet wires and sharp edges (if you have kids or pets, look out). We don’t want you to periodically be bumping into table corners as you go about your day.

Home, Sweet Home

Remember, it’s the little things that make a renovation successful. We can’t wait for you to build your dream home. With these common mistakes in mind, we’re confident that you’re good to go. Good luck-you’ve got this!