6 Most Trending Cakes For Your ‘Influencer’ Friend 

Having a friend who is a social media influencer is no less than being friends with celebrities. They have a huge fan following on their social media pages, and people, especially youth, look up to them for inspiration.

Whenever you go out with them, their fans look for opportunities to get clicked with them or take their autograph. It feels proud to be known as their friend, as they have reached this pinnacle of success by working hard day and night. Celebrating their success and achieving their important milestones is as essential as being friends with them.

Every subscriber or follower matters a lot to the influencers, as they do not see them as unknown but as a part of their family. When they hit huge milestones like gaining 1000 followers, 1,00,000 subscribers, or even more, it calls for a grand celebration.

Ordering a cake is an integral part of any celebration, especially for influencers, as they need to post it on their social media sites. So, it is obvious that the cake needs to be special and unique. Let’s see some of the unique cakes that have been currently in trend.

6 Trending Cakes To Celebrate Your Influencer Friend’s Success

Any celebration is incomplete without the presence of cakes. They are the most important component of making a celebration special. When it comes to celebrating the success of your friend who is an influencer, you cannot gift them a cake that looks boring or ordinary. It has to be a trending piece that is unique and is the most demanding among today’s youth. 

Let’s see some amazing options in trending cakes that can be gifted to your ‘influencer’ friends. 

1] Fondant Cake

If you are looking for fondant cakes in Bangalore, or nearby places then there are a lot of options in and around to fulfill your needs. There are several online portals as well that have the best variety of cakes that are in trend and popular as well. So, you can go through the preferred place and find the best fondant cake. You can get it customized according to your friend’s liking or their profession.

For example, you can get cute caricatures made of fondant, holding the camera, to be placed on the top of the cake. It adds to the uniqueness of the cake and will surely make your friend feel special and loved.

2] Rasmalai Cake

Another trending cake option is Rasmalai cake, which is a fusion of Indian dessert and western delicacy. It is soft and airy in texture, which melts in the mouth. The fusion gives a unique taste to it and brings back childhood memories of having Indian sweets. They have gained a lot of popularity in recent times due to their amazing looks and obviously delicious taste. 

3] Pinata Cake

Everyone will agree to the fact that pinata cakes are the fanciest among all other alternatives. In this, a small cake is kept inside a shell made of slightly hard chocolate, which has to be broken by a hammer. The pinata was a traditional game played in the United States, where children were blindfolded and hit a star-like figure made of paper mache with a stick. 

The figure had treats like chocolates in them, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Following a similar pattern, pinata cakes also need to be hit by a hammer in which a small cake or chocolates are kept inside it to surprise the recipient. 

4] Multi-Tiered Cakes 

When we talk about celebration cakes, multi-tiered cakes top the list. They are usually associated with a happy marriage anniversary cake or engagement cake. But with time, people have started going for multi-tiered cakes in other events as well. 

If you are planning to congratulate your influencer friend in the most special way, then multi-tiered cakes are to go for. They add to the charm and grandiosity of the celebration, making your friend feel like the most special person on earth.

5] Personalized Photo Cake 

If you are looking to add a personal touch to make the cake more special, then a personalized photo cake is the best option. You just need to send your friend’s photo to the service provider, and they will digitally print the photo on the cake using edible ink. By presenting a personalized photo cake to your friend on their success, they will feel special and delighted to have a friend like you. 

6] Bomb Cake 

Bomb cakes are an entertainer for kids and adults alike. It is one of the most popular cakes among social media enthusiasts, as it looks and is also unique just like them. It looks exactly like a bomb in which the thread needs to be lit up, and it blasts, exposing the delicious cake inside it. Celebrate your friend’s success with this amazing bomb cake and see them getting delighted. 


Now, we have so many trending cake options that we get confused about which one to buy. It seems to be a difficult task to come up with amazing options when you have to gift them to your ‘influencer’ friends. We hope the above-mentioned cake ideas help you immensely in finding the best-trending cakes. Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also go for personalized cupcakes, jar cakes, etc., if you want to celebrate their success in a simpler way.