7 Reasons to include face toner in your skin care regime

The misconception, confusion and unsettling opinions about a face toner often lead people to think they do not need it. “Does it make a difference?” – a question skincare experts keep answering in positive affirmative. Yes, if you have also doubted the need for this product too, you will recall getting the same response. Face toners are essential for all skin types as a part of the CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising) skincare routine. It is neither a substitute for moisturisers nor is a liquid counterpart of cleansers. Toners absorb into the skin pores and remove the last remains of dust particles, impurities and improve skin tone. 

If you have always dodged the need for face toner, you should reflect your reasons again. And if you have never applied toners out of the fear that it contains alcohol and other chemicals, there is a pleasant alternative available in the market. Yes, now you can buy organic toners made with the goodness of nature. Flowers and herbs-based toner will soothe your skin without causing any implicated harm. Click here for Juicy Chemistry’s organic toners, as they are reliable and 100% organic.But before you begin shopping, let us look at the compelling reasons to incorporate face toner in your skincare regime.

Compelling Reasons To Use Organic Face Toners Daily 

If you are always looking for reasons to use face toner, there are plenty of them to prove the claims of skincare experts. Organic toners are an essential inclusion in the range of skincare products you own. And the most important fact to comprehend is micellar water is not a toner! Micellar water is for removing makeup remains and stains. Toners have nutrients that do more than just cleansing makeup. 

#1 Minimises & Tightens Skin Pores 

Most toners are water-based and lightweight products. They absorb into the skin very quickly since the enzymes present in them can penetrate the skin. This property helps toners to cleanse the skin pores from within and tighten the cells around them. You will feel a supple texture after applying the best quality organic toners. 

#2 Removes Impurities 

Regular contact with pollution, dust, sweat and oil can create impurities in the skin. Dust particles get stuck within the pores and spread germs and pimple-causing bacteria. Organic toners are effective in removing these stuck impurities from within the pores. 

#3 Prepares The Skin For Absorbing Moisturisers 

No matter how mild cleansers you use, their composition is a bit tough on the skin, especially if you have sensitiveness. Toners work as a soothing layer on the skin by preparing it to absorb moisturisers. It maintains the pH balance naturally and soothes the skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin, organic toners are a must for you. You can opt for aloe vera water-based or rose water toners for the best results. 

#4 Refreshes & Soothes Skin

If you opt for a natural and organic toner, you will feel the refreshing effect that the product leaves on the skin. It refreshes the skin after mild cleansing and rejuvenates the cells with a soft water-based texture. You will see a watery glow on your face after applying the toner that suits your skin type. 

#5 Removes The Last Traces of Makeup 

Wearing makeup all day long clogs skin pores, blocking the air it could breathe. Foundation, highlighters and concealers stick to our layer of the face, and cleansing is not enough to get rid of them. You should use toners at night to get rid of all the last traces of makeup. 

#6 Helps Retain Skin Moisture 

Toners have anti-lock properties. Your skin will retain the effect of moisturisers if you apply them after using the best organic toners. Since face toners enter the pores and soothe the skin already, moisturisers sit in the face for a longer period. 

#7 Forms A Natural Protective layer 

You will feel a natural and protective layer on your skin after applying toners. This layer prevents dust particles and atmospheric germs from entering the pores. Unlike cleansers, it can penetrate the upper layer of our skin. You must give it a try to feel the difference.

The Bottom Line: Know Where To Shop 

Now that you realise how necessary it is to use organic toners, you must find where to buy them. Go through the available options online to search for brands that offer 100% organic products. Yes, if you should improve your skincare routine, do it the right way! Choose the suitable product for your skin type from the available sites of potentially good brands. Embrace the organic goodness and tone your skin for the smoothest texture. 

Face toners fulfil the additional needs of our skin. You should never cut slack on these products to save on your skincare expenses. Remember, investing in your skin is always redeeming when all the compliments come your way!