7 Simple Ways to Bring In More Website Visitors


About one in five businesses say their main website issue is low traffic. If you’re not attracting website visitors, you need to consider your digital marketing strategy. Without a plan, few consumers will find your online business or content.

You could struggle to generate leads and sales as a result.

Here are seven effective tips you can use to generate more online traffic this year. With these effective marketing strategies, you can expand your reach. As more people discover your brand, you can start experiencing website growth buy backlinks.

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1. Update Your Website

Before using the rest of these tips to generate digital traffic, update your website. Otherwise, the rest of these strategies might not prove effective.

Your website design and development can affect other areas of your digital marketing strategy.

For example, Google looks for websites that are fast, mobile-optimized, secure, and user-friendly. If your site is old and slow, your organic search engine rankings might drop. Low rankings can impact your ability to generate website traffic in the future.

If people visit your slow, outdated website, they might leave without exploring your content. Your bounce rate will start to increase. A high bounce rate can also hurt your organic rankings.

Your website’s performance can also impact your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

For example, Google will look at the landing page experience you offer when determining your quality score. A low quality score can increase your cost-per-click. You might struggle to afford ads as a result.

Before your website performance impacts your ability to generate online traffic, consider hiring a web design and development agency. They can update your website to improve the user experience. A positive user experience ensures your site is easy to use and navigate. 

Improving your website’s user experience can help you generate more digital traffic in the future. 

2. Use Personalization

Before developing your content marketing strategy, research your target audience. Understanding your customers will allow you to create personalized content. Personalization can help you attract more website traffic and relevant visitors.

You’ll have an easier time converting those visitors into paying customers if you understand their needs, concerns, and interests.

In fact, 74% of people get annoyed when website content doesn’t match their interests. These visitors might leave without exploring your content further. Your bounce rate will increase, hurting your search engine rankings.  

Segment your overall target audience into smaller buyer personas. Then, determine what questions each group asks while online. Use keyword research to inform your content marketing strategy to ensure you appeal to ideal customers. 

3. Create Fresh Content

It’s important that you continue creating fresh website content throughout the year. Otherwise, one-time visitors might not have a reason to return to your site. You might struggle to appeal to consumers who have different needs and interests, too.

Instead, create a variety of blog posts that cover different topics and subtopics.

Use different content formats to appeal to different consumers, too. For example, you can create blog posts, videos, infographics, polls, and quizzes. Interactive content will increase dwell times, which could boost your search engine rankings. 

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your content rank higher on search engine result pages. Higher rankings will help you appeal in front of more people, allowing you to generate more online traffic. 

Choose a focus keyword for each blog post you create based on your audience and keyword research. Then, use SEO best practices to boost your rankings.

You can start working with an experienced SEO or digital marketing agency to develop your SEO marketing strategy. 

5. Pay-Per-Click and Remarketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help you appear in front of ideal customers based on their search queries or demographics. You can create PPC ads for both Google, websites on Google’s search network, or various social media platforms.

Try creating eye-catching display ads to capture the consumer’s attention. When they click on the ad, they’ll reach a landing page on your website. 

Create a remarketing campaign, too. Remarketing ads can appear in front of consumers who visited your site in the past. You can attract them back to your website to turn a missed opportunity into a lead or sale. 

6. Social Media Marketing

You can also use social media marketing to generate more website traffic.

First, determine which social media platforms your customers use most.

For example, you’ll have an easier time appealing to younger consumers on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. Older consumers often use Facebook instead. If you want to target business professionals, use LinkedIn.

Host contests or reformat your blog content for social media. Then, use a link to direct more people to your website. Don’t forget to use social media advertising as well. 

7. Syndicate Content

Content syndication involves republishing your unique, branded content on other websites. Then, you can expand your reach online to experience website growth. 

It’s important to note that syndicating content isn’t the same as guest blogging.

Guest blogging involves creating a unique blog post for another website. Then, you can add a link to your own blog to generate a backlink. Backlinks are links that send people on one website to your website.

Generating high-quality backlinks through guest blogging and other strategies can help boost your rankings.

Syndicating content, on the other hand, is using the same exact piece of content on your blog and republishing it on another platform.

Usually, content creators mention when a syndicated blog post is appearing on another website. For example, you might write, “This article appeared on [Original Blog] and has been published here with permission.”

You can learn more about content syndication marketing here.

Start Generating More Website Visitors With These 7 Effective Tips

Developing a strong digital marketing strategy can help you attract more website visitors to your online business. Then, you can start generating more leads and sales with ease. Discover how to grow your website traffic with these tips today.

Then, watch your business boom!

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