7 Simple Ways to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

In the current era, a lot of individuals resort to various different mediums to express themselves. Some opt for music, some for literature and writing, while others prefer expressing themselves through a canvas. 

While these are probably the more frequently seen methods of self-expression, there are tons of ways that exist outside of these. Tattooing, makeup artistry, cosplay and one’s own clothing choices can also be used to display a part of the self to the public. 

And we will be discussing the last of these forms today.“Do not judge a book by its cover” is an idiom used by most, but followed seldomly. The phrase definitely holds true, as we can not quite grasp the whole identity of a person just through their appearance. 

But it would be blatantly incorrect to say that the first impression does not make a lasting impact on the viewer. So it is important to look the part, as it is to be the part. But often we struggle with properly adorning ourselves in clothing that we connect with, and outfits that look appealing. 

Our planet is incredibly attentive towards consumerism, but that does not mean that all items always appeal to all the customers. In the current era, beautiful clothing can come at a steep cost. 

And here arises the issue, as often our desired items are out of our budget. But at the same time, we wish to look well put-together and expensive. But how do we solve this dilemma? Well, that is exactly what the article is for, today. I will provide a few tips and tricks to make cheap clothes look expensive.

1.Liquidation pallets

Well the easiest way to look expensive while not burning a hole through your pocket, is to buy expensive and aesthetically pleasing clothes at a cheaper cost. And that is where liquidation pallets come in. 

Liquidation pallets are basically boxes of returned or refurbished items that big companies receive. The companies often auction these pallets off to wholesale liquidation companies for reselling, or to liquidation stores

Big clothing brands like H&M too auction off liquidation pallets to reselling stores. These pallets contain completely new or lightly used returned items, which are resold at meagre prices. Any interested individuals can buy such pallets and take a dive in the glory of liquidated designer and expensive clothing.

2.Find deals and discounts online or thrift

While most of the big name brand stores have sky-scraping prices, you can find similar clothing in online shops like Amazon, Shein, etc. The quality of the clothes can be a hit-or-miss, but most of the trusted ecommerce platforms provide options to return or exchange items within a certain period of time. 

And with the latest Image search technology that most such websites have, it becomes a breeze to find cheap copies of expensive clothing. Just take a picture of the clothing piece you want, and search it on Amazon to find similar matches.

 Further, you can also thrift to save yourself some bucks. Thrifting means buying gently used items for cheap prices at garage sales, flea markets or Thrift stores. People have started thrifting all over the world as it not only is cheap, but also environment friendlybecause the buyer reuses the item.

3.Know how to style yourself

 A big part of looking expensive depends on your sense of style. One can look “cheap” while wearing $1000 worth of clothes, and another can look expensive in one-tenth of that price. It depend on styling and knowing how to mix-and-match.

Many people have an instinct for styling themselves, while others may require some practice. But don’t be demotivated if your fashion sense isn’t the best. With some experimentation and practice, you will find your look and vibe in no time.

 4.Choose the appropriate footwear

Footwear is another part of looking well put-together. Knowing what shoes go well with an outfit can sometimes make or break it. And the color and design of the footwear are especially important. There are certain colors that will accentuate your outfit, while others will dim it down. Its important to know which one does what. 

And in my opinion, heels can almost always elevate an outfit from a 5 to an 8. Although there are exceptions to this rule too. For example, streetwear usually looks best with sneakers, canvases, or similar footwear. While you can wear dresses with heels or flats, depending on the occasion.

5.Accessorize when necessary

Some outfits call for statement jewelry, some call for minimal ones. Sometimes, having a bold jewelry piece can take away attention from your overall outfit and make it look tacky. While other times, a bold statement piece can scream expensive, confidence and chic. Know which one you need.

6.Follow fashion bloggers for tips

But to do all the former tips, you may need some help sometimes, And in this era of the internet, fashion help can be easily found with just a search on Instagram or Youtube. These platforms have an enormous number of fashion bloggers and influencers to help you get started on your styling journey. 

Find one that you like, and follow them for inspiration.Having said that, a lot of these fashionistas are not people who assuredly know what is good for you. 

And it is easy to fall into a loop of unhealthy mindsets sometimes. So make sure that following these people is increasing your confidence and self-esteem, not decreasing it.

7.Wear items that flatter your body type 

This is an incredibly important tip as no two individuals are the same. Hence the same outfit will look different on people with different body types. Make sure that your clothing choices are uplifting your overall look and flattering you. 

An item of clothing may be expensive yet be unflattering, while a cheap piece might look better on you. This skill requires some experimentation, and you will have to do some practice to acquire it.

These tips are some basic ways to looking expensive while wearing cheap clothes. Having said all this, styling oneself is also about feeling good instead of just looking good. 

And you can achieve this when you are happy and confident with yourself. So make sure to strut with confidence, as it is probably the most expensive and attractive thing that a person can adorn.