7 Tips for Proofreading Your Game Development Thesis

History demonstrates that the first game was developed by William Higinbotham, a well-known Physicist, in the 1950s just to show that the field of science is not all about destruction and war. Nowadays, game development is considered an independent video game industry and an essential part of the entertainment industry, with an increase in the opportunities for tech-related jobs in the market. 

According to Statista’s Most recent update of August 2023, video online gaming revenue is projected to reach US$334 billion in 2023, and its annual growth rate from 2023 to 2027 is 8.7%.

Furthermore, by 2027, the number of users is expected to be 3.1bn. The mobile game is the largest industry, with a volume of US$173.60bn in 2023. The average revenue in the video games market is US$123.60 in 2023 per year. 

The below graph represents a forecasted development of the game industry from 2023 to 2027.

Due to its high demand and scope in the near future, the young generation has become crazy about pursuing this field as a profession. 

What is a Game Development Thesis?

Game development is a combination of art and computer science, which focuses on video game elements, in-depth game theory, and design concepts. It is an academic meta-discipline where students learn the development of games through computer science, digital design, music, sound, media, human-computer interaction and computer art. 

Writing its final project to enter into the professional field is a prolonged, hectic but at the same interesting procedure. Students who are willing by heart fully enjoy writing a video game development thesis.

When you are done with your thesis writing, it is time to proofread it to create a well-polished thesis about game development. But it is so hard for students to evaluate their own flaws, errors and mistakes. Students need some useful tips, or they can go for professional thesis writing services for professional proofreading assistance. Before that, you can also try some tips that we are discussing below. 

Game Development Thesis Proofreading Tips

The book “Enjoy Writing Your Science Thesis or Dissertation” was written by Daniel Holtom & Elizabeth Fisher. 

They define proofreading as: 

“Proofreading your text means checking it for mistakes (grammatical blunders to minor typographical errors) before submitting your thesis.”

Undoubtedly, it is a tough task for students to catch their own mistakes. For your ease, we have put some tips together for proofreading your computer science game development thesis from start to end that will help you in optimising your proofreading stages.  So, let’s get started:

1. Get Yourself Prepared for Proofreading

Mentally preparing yourself for proofreading is one of the best tips for students to give their best while catching errors more effectively.

Stay away from any distractions as much as possible just to focus your mind on proofreading, such as:

  • Turn your phone off
  • Close your room door
  • Clean your desk and put only the necessary things
  • Sit in a comfortable place alone
  • Maintain your good body posture while sitting on a chair
  • Use suitable lighting that will keep your eyes easy while reading

2. Keep Some Aided Material Handy

Reference and aided material will help you to remove errors and replace them with accurate words, phrases, spellings, and concepts. Your aided materials should include the following:

  • Grammar books 
  • Dictionary 
  • Thesaurus 
  • Referencing style guide of APA, MLA, Chicago 

3. Maintaining Personal Wellness 

Maintaining your personal health and getting yourself motivated is important to maintain peak performance. For that purpose, you just practice your self-care when you are proofreading for a long time. 

Ashan R. Hampton discussed 6 useful tips for maintaining personal wellness in his book “Proofreading Power: Skills & Drills”, published in 2018. These practical tips are listed below: 

  • Exercise regularly 
  • Eat a light meal while proofreading 
  • Take short breaks 
  • Rest your eyes every 15-20 minutes
  • Ask someone for help
  • Change activities when you are tired and bored

5. Divide Your Thesis into Small Chunks 

While proofreading, you have to divide your thesis into small sections to make a plan for your proofreading process. Then, you can proofread all your sections by sticking to this plan. You can break your content into little chunks:

  • By paragraphs
  • By sections
  • By chapters 

This plan will allow you to approach your proofreading objectives without any hassle. 

6. Read Loudly 

Reading your content loudly is one of the best tips for analysing your own writing text in a new way. Reading slowly and aloud will assist you in focusing on each and every single word, which ultimately helps you in catching the mistakes that you missed while writing. 

According to The Writing Center: University of North California at Chapel Hill, The benefits of reading aloud include:

Reading aloud your draft and listening to someone else will give your brain information in a new way, and your brain gets activated and starts noticing those things that you did not notice before. 

7. Use a Hard Copy for Proofreading 

Some people like to proofread work on screen, but it is recommended to read your mobile game development thesis from a hard copy for effective proofreading. While you are proofreading your content on screen, you will use a keyboard and word processing program, so it is good for preliminary proofreading. 

While using screens, there are some auto-correct tools that will proofread your work automatically; these software only focus on the major mistakes and miss a lot of errors. So, be sure to use a print of these and mark your mistakes with a red pen for highlighting; it will allow you to edit your work more efficiently. 

8. Ask Someone to Proofread Your Work 

It is the best option to make your work valid and accurate. For this purpose, you have to ask someone, either your friend, a classmate or a family member, to look at your work. You can ask someone politely to get feedback and comments on your paper; could you please check my work against the grammar? Furthermore, you can request someone for spelling and grammar checking throughout your thesis. 


Proofreading your game development thesis is such a tricky task for students because it contains many tough terms, phrases and keywords. Furthermore, it requires full dedication and attention with full energy and time. Students ignore many unavoidable mistakes which ultimately influence the quality of the overall thesis. 

It is possible to proofread the thesis yourself by following all the above-discussed useful tips and secrets. But it is much better to ask someone to proofread your thesis to evaluate mistakes that you missed and cannot grab in your own written content. For this purpose, you can use thesis writing services for professional proofreading assistance, such as The Academic Papers UK, to have a well-polished and error-free thesis. 

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