7 tips for your children to clean up from small

Hitting the hand against the wall and muttering bad words in a low voice is counterproductive. Children are disordered, they are just like that. They have better things to do than pick up their mess. Stop considering your motivation helps. It is not a premeditated mischief. It’s just that they are learning so much so fast and have a whole world to explore. There are beautiful things, new things, interesting things that come and distract them. They jump from one activity to another without thinking about the disaster they left behind. But that consideration does not solve the problem, it just helps you understand it. Here are seven useful tips for your children to pick up their mess and clean up on their own.

Teach the little ones to do housework

Introducing the youngest members of the household to domestic chores is not an easy task; nobody said that it was. These 7 tips will help you to collaborate with cleaning tasks little by little.

Make them understand the importance of collaborating in domestic tasks.

Take the time to explain to your children that they have the responsibility to take care of their things. Tell them that the longer you have to spend collecting, the less time you will have for them. Let them know how it causes you aggravation and what that irritation means to them. It also points out how they feel when they cannot find things because they are not where they belong. Make them remember a time when they could not find a shoe or task and how horrible it felt.

Incentive to clean

Each child has something that motivates them. Your job, as a father or mother, is to find and use it for your benefit. There are many things you can use to encourage them to clean up their own mess.

Maintain a cleaning routine

Preschoolers know that toys are picked up after playing or that mats should be stored after napping. At home, you can do the same thing: “Before starting dinner, we’ll put your books back on the shelf” or “After putting on your pajamas, put the clothes in the basket”.

Think small pieces

A room full of toys it’s very interesting and distracting, and preschoolers are not good pickers. Let the children pick up for five minutes, take a break and then return to the task. Or simply make them concentrate on one thing: stuffed animals, colored pencils, etc.

Use some magic

Tell them “I heard from a family that had a wonderful cleaning magic in their house”, you can go and say “I would like our house to have some of that”. Later, when some toys are stored, say “Oh, we are very lucky, magic is in our house!” The classic motivator for the preschool group is reverse psychology.

Show them how it is done

Young children can be confused with commands like “Clean your toys.” That is a concept that does not come naturally. We advise you to show young children what it means: “Now is the time to put the toys in their box” or “Look how I am placing the cars on the shelf.


A movie or your favorite food, anything that shows that you appreciate their cooperation, is good rewards to motivate your child to be cleaner and more orderly.